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5 Ways to Overcome Life’s Obstacles

life obstaclesThere’s this large rock in Halfmoon Bay, located precisely at a beach called Sergeant’s Bay. When the tide is out, it’s easy to climb because you can walk right to it, and there are several small rocks at the base that lead up to the main body of the rock. Although, when the tide is in, the rock is not so easy to get to, especially when it’s not summer.

At the end of March (almost one year ago), two of my friends and I drove out to Sergeant’s Bay. It was a warm day for early spring. We decided the moment that rock came into closer view that we were going to climb it. However, there were obstacles in our way. The tide was in. We would have easily waded out to the base of the rock, but since it had not been warm long, the water was cold, too cold to risk getting most of our bodies wet. We could divert from the main path, but that would mean we would have to climb over a wire fence into someone’s yard in order to get to the rock.

Well, since we were in an adventurous mood, we weren’t going to let anything or anyone get in our way. We crossed over the swampy area and climbed over the fence with little effort. Much to our relief, no one was home. And, there were no dogs. But, we were faced with another challenge. The base in that area was high and there were no stepping rocks to lead up to it. To make things more difficult, it was wet in places.

I started to change my mind, thinking that there is no way I’m going to risk my life trying to get up there, but my friend Richard was determined to climb the rock. Besides, he was the tallest person in the  group. I searched for a fissure in the wall of the rock, one that was not wet, but started to feel defeated when I didn’t find one. Richard told me I could do it; he would help me up onto the rock. Scared yet still determined, I put all of my trust in him and made it up without scraping my knee.

After that, the rest of the climb was easier. We walked around the top of the rock, then sat for a while basking in the sunshine and enjoying the view. All of us felt truly happy and content.

Morale of the Story

When I think about that moment, I realize how life is like climbing a large rock. Often, we are faced with obstacles that seem insurmountable. Many times, difficult challenges force us to face our greatest fears.

Sometimes, there is someone (like Richard) who is there to hold your hand and guide you through that hard time. Other times, you are left to go it alone. Those are the times when you realize that, however difficult the situation, it does not mean the end of the world. There are five ways you can overcome any obstacle.

1. Determination. Determination is a combination of strong will, motivation and positive attitude. Determination is what keeps your mind organized and focused on what needs to be accomplished, even if it requires a baby-step progress.

2. Perseverance. Perseverance comes from inner strength. In order to overcome obstacles life throws you, you need to have thick skin. In other words, you need to be able to cope well and you must block out all forms of negativity that people throw at you. You also have to be prepared to fail. Failing does not mean you’re a failure, rather it shows where you went wrong in your efforts. You need to pick yourself up, learn from those mistakes, create a new plan and move forward.

3. Faith. In good times and in bad, you should put your faith in something, something positive that you know will help pull you through.

I put all of my faith in God because with his help, I know I will pull through life’s storms. Sometimes God doesn’t grant me the things I want most and when I want them. But, he has helped shape me into a better person, and he has led me to opportunities I know will benefit me down the road.

Just because I can’t see God, it does not mean he’s not a driving force in my life’s journey. Faith is all about believing in a force that does care about your well being, one that will provide you with the wisdom and knowledge to overcome any crisis.

4. Good quality friends. It is so easy to become bitter and distant when you’re going through a tough time in life. But, you should never push your friends away when you’re suffering. You need their support, love and advice to get you through the day. A good friend will hold your hand and guide you through the storm.

5. Risk. Life is all about taking risks. In order to achieve happiness and success, you must be open-minded and you must be brave.

Climbing that rock was quite the risk we took. We could have fallen and injured ourselves, or even killed ourselves. But, if we all dwelled on that possible negative outcome, we would have never reached the top, and we would have not enjoyed the fantastic view.

Deanna Proach is the author of Day of Revenge (Inkwater Press). She also writes for discounts.ca, a website that specializes in voucher codes and promo codes. She currently resides in the small town Sechelt, British Columbia.

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