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Bulgarian Squat – Thigh Toning Workout

The Bulgarian squat is an excellent hip and thigh workout routine that activates your glutes, quad, and hamstring muscles. To do a Bulgarian squat workout, you will need a bench, a low-rise chair, or a slightly elevated step. Make sure that whichever object you pick is not too high. This will make the Bulgarian squat routine uncomfortable. Always keep in mind that proper form is everything, when it comes to exercising.

How to do a Bulgarian Squat?

Armed with a pair of dumbbells, take a big step away from the bench or chair; then reach far back with your other leg and lay it atop the bench. Make sure the heel of the leg in front of you stays down, and your chest stays up. The foot behind you should rest near the edge of the bench. This is an important consideration, because if your foot is laying too far back on the bench, you will not be able to bend down that leg deeply enough. Hold the dumbbells vertically, and slowly lower your body, using your front heel as leverage while keeping your chest up. See to it that your front knee does not go past your front toe. This will help you avoid workout-related injuries in the long run. Once you reach bottom, rise as slowly as you came down.

Do about 20 repetitions, or roughly 60 seconds worth of Bulgarian squats. Rest for 10 seconds; then switch legs, and repeat the same exercise for another 60 seconds. Continue alternating legs until failure.

I usually like taking advantage of the 10-second rest time, to perform light jumping jack routines, or quick leg kicks. I find that stretching legs in between the Bulgarian squat sets promotes healthy blood flood, and prevents cramps and early leg fatigue. Remember, since you are using added weight (with the dumbbells), your legs are withstanding more pressure than they are used to. So make sure to stretch them in between your Bulgarian squat sets.

Once you have become familiar enough with the Bulgarian squat exercise routine, you should increase the weight of your dumbbells. This will help turbocharge your thigh muscle building process. In addition, increase the duration of each set. For example, after 2 weeks of Bulgarian squat exercises at 60 seconds per set, you should increase the interval to one minute and 15 seconds, and progressively, to 2 minutes per leg.

Thigh Toning Workout

Both men and women can find tremendous benefits in performing the Bulgarian squat exercise routine, as this exercise not only strengthens your lower body, but also tones up your thighs and legs in general. There are several other thigh toning exercises that you can do. I suggest you use your imagination, as the possibilities are truly infinite, and not just limited to the Bulgarian squat.

Good Luck!

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