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What Causes Cancer?

causes of cancerThe causes of cancer tend to be suppressed by the pharmaceutical companies, because the treatment of cancer is a multi-billion dollar industry. So, obviously, if everyone were to know the causes of this vicious disease (and begin avoid the causes of cancer), this industry can disappear over time. That means billions of dollars in profit will be wiped from the pharmaceutical sector.

The truth is, the causes of cancer are well known, and are closer to us than you would imagine.

Basic Causes of Cancer

1. Toxins: The primary reason people get sick is that their body contain too much toxin. Toxins are responsible for causing cancer as well. Here is a list of toxins that cause cancer

– Smoking: yes, smoking is toxic and it causes cancer!
– Food additives that are used in meat products; more specifically diethylstilbestrol, also known as DES. 85% of meat in the US bear this dangerous additive. This is one of the reasons why many countries around the world refuse to import meat from the United States. The diethylstilbestrol additive is also responsible for speeding up the rate of maturity in women
– Artificial sweeteners: examples are saccharine and aspartame
– Nitrites: This is another chemical used for preserving processed meat products
– Non-prescription and prescription drugs
– Food dyes
– Many other types of toxins

2. Nutritional Deficiencies: Another cause of cancer is linked to nutritional deficiencies. Studies have shown that even a small deficiency in a specific vitamin or mineral, can lowers the body’s ability to fight diseases. Below are the deficiencies that can cause cancer in the long run

– Deficiency in choline causes liver cancer
– Deficiency in vitamin E increases the risk of leukemia
– Deficiency in iodine contributes to thyroid cancer
– Deficiency in vitamin B leads to liver damage and cancer
– Zinc deficiency causes prostate cancer
– Deficiency in vitamin A foster the development of tumors

3. Electromagnetic Chaos: This is another major cause of cancer. The majority of the electric and electronic equipment we use on the daily basis emit electromagnetic energy that can contribute to the development of cancer. These electromagnetic waves can come from cell phones, HD-TV, laptop computers, microwaves, and most wireless devices

4. Stress: Another important cause of cancer is emotional stress. Stress turns the body into an acidic environment that fosters the rapid development of cancer cells

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