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How to Pick Quality Workout Shoes

As New Year’s festivities are forgotten, leaving just those pesky resolutions to be honored, health clubs, gyms and weight loss centers are swelling with new members trying to shed holiday pounds and turn the corner towards healthy living. One of the most critical steps one can take to make this goal a reality, is to set forth on one’s journey in the right workout shoes. With thousands of workout shoes on the market, each touting their own special blend of benefits, making smart choices is critical. If you find yourself struggling to pick the right set of workout shoes, here is a quick overview that should help.

Shoe Basics

There are three primary types of shoes that one needs to understand before making a purchase to meet one’s weight loss goals. Each option has different strengths, and choosing incorrectly one may not only lessen one’s success, the wrong shoes can do damage. The three types are running shoes, training shoes and toning shoes. Below is a brief overview of the key features of each type:

Running Shoes

running shoes– These workout shoes are the lightest weight of the three, offering the least resistance when running or jogging
– They provide mid-level ankle support, intended for distance running, not other sports
– When used as intended, running shoes have good durability, but will break down quickly if used as all purpose shoes

Training Shoes

cross training shoes– These workout shoes are mid-weight shoes, offering more lateral cushioning, but more heft than a running shoe
– They provide excellent ankle support, intended for multiple sports; they are often called cross-trainers
– These workout shoes may double as all purpose sneakers, offering great durability in a variety of environments

Toning Shoes

toning shoes– These workout shoes shoes have rounded bottoms, forcing the wearer to perform additional work with each step
– These are intended to help tone glutes and leg muscles and should not be used for other sports
– These workout shoes can be worn for extended periods of time, but performing athletic maneuvers in them may result in injury

While each of these varieties of workout shoes has a specific purpose, it is important to understand one’s needs before making a purchase. When in doubt, a training shoe, or cross-trainer shoe, is the most versatile of the three, and can be successfully used for nearly any type of gym activity. Running shoes offer a lighter weight alternative for gym-goers that want to focus on treadmill, jogging and walking, but should be used with care for other purposes. Toning shoes, which have continued to grow in popularity, have a very specific purpose and are not a replacement for a solid pair of athletic shoes. If you are budget-constrained, there are few places on the Internet that offer coupons, such as Finishline coupons, or any other available discount option you can find.

The Importance of Footwear

Never before has more research been conducted on the importance of footwear in achieving workout results and avoiding injury. Selecting the right workout shoes can often mean the difference between reaching one’s goal and quitting early. Which workout shoes have you found most effective in reaching your fitness goals?

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