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Partner Workout – Squat Exercise

Partner workout is an excellent way to spice up your fitness routines. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself to work out, you should definitely consider pairing up with one of your friends. Speak with a few of your friends and pick 2 or 3 of them (not just one). You need to have a backup workout partner, in case the first person can’t work out with you that day.

There are many partner workouts you can do with a friend. Anything from basic partner clap pushups, to more advanced routines such as partner plank or partner triceps dips. Next time you are exercising, try the following partner workout.

Partner Workout – Squat Exercise

You and your workout partner will lock hands and get yourselves in squat position. Then hold the squat for as long as you possibly can (until failure). Take a 30 second break, and then repeat the routine again as many times as you can. This partner workout will help strengthen your quad muscles and give your thighs the nice round shape you’ve been looking for. During your 30 second break period, I suggest you do a light leg warm up exercise such as jumping jacks. It will help with the blood flow through your legs