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Should I Have a Tummy Tuck Procedure or Exercise?

Tummy-Tuck-ProcedureIn recent years, tummy tuck procedures have become a “quick-fix” option for many people. In fact, the number of tummy tucks performed in the United States has increased 84 percent from 2000 to 2009. The idea of a relatively straightforward surgery that can remove unwanted fat is clearly an attractive one, but is it the right choice for you? Is it effective, or are diet and exercising the better choices? If you’re considering undergoing a tummy tuck procedure, there are several things to evaluate before making your decision.

What Are The Risks?

As with any surgery, the first thing that should be considered are the potential risks. Although your personal risk level can only be assessed by your doctor, there are a number of common issues that arise with the tummy tuck procedure. Excess bleeding during surgery is the most common risk, along with infections that can be serious. More rarely, a bad reaction to anesthesia can be serious and potentially life-threatening.

After the surgery, healing and recovery can occasionally be delayed by tissue loss around the incision site. In some cases, especially if the healing process has gone poorly, follow-up corrective surgery may be necessary. Additionally, patients run the risk of fluid accumulation under the skin surrounding the incision. Depending on your personal risk factors, there may be additional risks and concerns.

If you are are a fan of the Mob Wives TV show, you must have seen Renée Graziano undergoing a tummy tuck procedure that almost jeopardized her life. Here’s her in an interview, explaining what went wrong (in the beginning of the video).

Renée Graziano – Tummy Tuck Procedure Gone Bad!

What Else Should You Consider?

In addition to the risks of tummy tuck surgery, there are a number of factors that may or may not be a consideration for you.

Money: The most obvious consideration is money. Although prices vary from location-to-location, the average price of a tummy tuck procedure is approximately $6,250. Your personal financial situation will determine whether the procedure is an expense that you can afford, and whether the results are worth it.

Recovery Time: The next consideration is the recovery process. Because a tummy tuck requires a relatively large incision, the recovery process can be a very uncomfortable time. While some patients may return home the same day, others may need to spend a day or two in the hospital. After returning home, you will need several days of bed rest to begin covering. During that time, pain, tenderness and swelling, are the most common complaints. Pain generally subsides within a few weeks, but swelling and tenderness can continue for several months.

Other options: Finally, you should consider potential weight loss alternatives. In fact, many doctors will advise their patients to consider diet and exercise, before deciding to go through with a tummy tuck procedure. Although they require a substantial amount of work and commitment, diet and exercise will often produce better and longer-lasting results than a tummy tuck procedure. This is a personal decision, but if you’re willing to try diet and exercise first, there are several exercise options that are sure to burn the fat off.

Exercise Ideas

The most important consideration when creating an exercise plan, is developing a program you can stick to. While exercising for 2 hours a day may help you burn fat in less time, it won’t do much good if you can’t commit to it long term. With this in mind, look to add exercises that you enjoy. Also keep in mind that specific exercises designed to target problem areas, especially the belly, rarely work unless you are incorporating full-body exercises with them. For almost everyone, it’s better to incorporate exercises that lead to fat loss across the board. As you may imagine, some of the best full-body workouts are things you can do without a gym membership, running, hiking etc, although a gym membership will offer more variety.

At Home Fitness Videos
For those who are hesitant about joining a gym, doing workouts at home is a great place to start. I’m not talking about buying DVDs either, but rather streaming fitness videos from the internet to your TV, smart phone, tablet or laptop. It’s never been easier these days. Perform a search for online workout videos and notice all your choices for premium workouts that will help chisel your core. Below is a great example of a full body workout you can do at home. Try it out.

Walking and Running
Everyone knows that walking and running are good for them. But not many really understand how effective walking everyday can be for burning fat. Although it generally takes more time to see results, walking is something most of us can do and should do more often. Running and hiking, especially on rugged terrain, can be even more effective. Start with half an hour, or even fifteen minutes, twice a day. Slowly increase the duration of your walks/runs/hikes as often as you feel comfortable and you’ll keep the calories burning.

Hill Sprints
After you’ve been walking and running for awhile, try to incorporate hill sprints into your routine. It’s as simple as finding a hill and sprinting up it as fast as you can – and I mean as fast as you can. I want to see those arms swinging. Once at the top, walk back down and begin again. At first you may only be able to do this 4 or 5 times, depending on the size of the hill before you’re complete exhausted, but soon you’ll be able to run up that hill at greater speeds. Keep pushing yourself to do more reps each time you go out.

Perhaps the most important thing to keep in mind while doing hill sprints, is maintaining focused control of your abs. The looser your abs, the harder the experience. However, once you tighten your abs, you’ll feel more in control physically and you’ll be able to make it up the hill faster. Perhaps the best part of this exercise is that it takes minutes to perform a set and you can burn more calories and more fat than most people will, after an hour at the gym. Your core will tell you if you’re doing it right. Can’t find a hill? Stairs are perfect alternatives.

Provided you know how to swim, this can be a very effective and enjoyable exercise. Not only is it enjoyable enough to keep you looking forward to your workouts, it also offers resistance without the same impact on joints as other exercises. Half an hour a day, three days a week is a good place to start, though more is even better. As with walking or running, increase your duration or frequency as often as you feel comfortable. There is a very good reason why swimmers are lean and have amazing core power. Stubborn belly fat is no match for swimming.

Resistance Training
Although opinions differ on whether adding muscle actually helps to burn more fat at rest, there’s no doubt that resistance training can help you slim down and shape up problem areas. Both free weights and machines are good options here, and a gym membership can be invaluable as the quality of the equipment is usually much better than what you can find at home. The best exercises for you will depend on your physical condition, so it’s best to try a range of exercises and find the ones that are most enjoyable for you. Bringing resistance training into the equation of swimming and running is a recipe for a lean figure with strong, functional muscles no amount of cosmetic surgery or tummy tuck procedure can provide.

Author Bio: Nathan Joynt is a natural fitness expert and advocate for healthy, natural living lifestyles. He works with Gaiam, a leading yoga company that produces award-winning workout videos.

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