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Sports for Healthy Lifestyle

Playing sports can be one the most effective and enjoyable ways to stay in shape and reach your fitness goals. Sports can greatly improve coordination, strengthen joints, increase muscle strength and endurance, increase cardio vascular health, burn fat and build muscle and increase overall health and appearance while having a great time away from the monotony of your usual workout routine.


squash sportThis is regarded by many as the healthiest sport you can play. Squash is a great cardio workout.  Experienced squash players can burn over 1000 calories per hour of working out, with short sprints to all four corners of the court and short bursts of strength, as well as slamming the ball. Playing a few rounds of squash a few times a week will tone your legs, arms and core while burning fat.


swimmingAnother great way to stay in shape, tone muscles and lose weight is diving in a doing a few laps. Swimming is a great cardio vascular activity. With benefits of weight loss, muscle endurance, and muscle toning, swimming is a great sport to add to your arsenal of exercises. Swimming is also a non-weight bearing sport and as such is easy on the joints and runs low risks of sports related injuries.


rowing sportRowing is another fun, quick and easy way to stay in shape. The combination of sliding seats and a rowing machine provide an excellent whole body aerobic workout. Rowing reaps the benefits of increased muscle endurance, increased cardiovascular health, and increased muscle strength all while shredding fat. Rowing is also a non-weight bearing sport; easy on the joints and ligament making rowers less prone to sports related injury.


Cat EbelingCycling is another excellent aerobic activity. Cycling is an excellent endurance sport. Because of the large leg muscle that cycling employs, cyclists can ride for hours burning hundreds of calories a workout, and melting fat. Cyclists enjoy the benefits of increased muscle endurance, and cardiorespiratory health. Cycling again is a non-weight bearing activity, which means cycling runs a low risk of sports related injury. Ironically, cyclers face a high risk of injuries of other types from falling off the bike to the hazards of unpadded bike seats. Another downfall to cycling is its isolation on the legs limits leg flexibility and upper-body strength.


strength trainingThough it may not technically qualify as a sport, strength training should be included in everyone fitness and exercise routine to some extent. Strength training for about 30 minutes 3-5 times a week will do wonders for your physique. Strength training tones shapes and builds up the muscles. Also strength training boosts your metabolism significantly, by increasing the rate at which you burn fat. Ladies, this isn’t just for the guys! Everyone benefits. Below is an example of a strength training routine based on bodyweight workout

When it comes right down to it, maintaining a healthy life style – taking part in any of the sports listed or any other adventurous workout activity, just staying active, along with a steady healthy diet composed of unrefined carbohydrates, lean meat, vegetables, fruits, lots of water, and 7-9 hours of sleep a night, will help you stay in shape, reach your fitness goals, and live a long a fulfilling life.

Jeff writes about health and fitness topics for the Term-life insurance blog hosted by the Consumer Media Network.

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