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3 Popular Free Fitness Apps You Need

Since we love our gadgets to death and most of us spend a good deal of time on the web looking, searching and or buying stuff. We thought it appropriate for this fitness blog to scour the interwebs looking for cool and eco friendly fitness apps for three of the most popular gadgets on the planet; the iPhone, Android and Kindle Fire.

Below are our findings. Have a look and do let us know which eco friendly fitness apps you like best? Tell us in the comment area.

1. Android – Fitness Pro App

This app for Android users is all about getting in shape and making a difference in your overall health. You can cut out foods high in calories and lots of sweets but without the accompanying exercise to counter excess weight you won’t get very far. This app is all about getting back into your target goal weight via tracking, a routine and setting goals. Cost: $FREE

android fitness pro app

2. iPhone – Lose It

For those who have the iPhone and seek to lose weight this is the app for you. It’s all about breaking through that invisible wall of despair and coming out on the other side victorious or at least a few pounds lighter. The key with any weight loss plan or diet is to stick with it through the long haul, sort of like the stock market. It’s a continuous journey, not a final destination. This app will help you and get you closer to whatever weight goals you have in mind for yourself. Cost: $FREE

loseit iphone app

3. Kindle Fire – My Fitness Pal

This is wildly popular website, tool and app all rolled into one that millions of fitness minded people use daily. It’s essentially a calorie counter that you would use to tally up with the meals you’ve had to see what calories you’ve consumed. It’s free, easy to use and available via the web, your cell phones and or tablets such as the Kindle Fire. Another great feature of My Fitness Pal is that it’s a community, seek out friends who share your goal or look for others you want to help support and encourage. Cost: FREE

fitness pal app for kindle fire

There are an infinite amount of eco minded fitness apps on the web and via our devices but the three profiled above are a good bet and should help you in your diet, fitness and personal best journey.

About the Author: Missy Diaz writes on the web for a fuel cards comparison provider.

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