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5 Important Reasons to Strengthen your Core Muscles

core strenghtening exerciseA lot of people only think of the six pack abs when they think about the core muscles, but there is a lot more to it than that. Core muscles are not just for show at the gym, but they actually assist your body in a number of different ways. Strengthening your core muscles yields the following results:

Improves your overall appearance

The core muscles play a significant role in your overall appearance because they affect your posture and the shape of your body. Being overweight tends to show in the core area first, and it can be unsightly to see a stomach hanging over the belt, but a strong core will prevent that. A strong core that is firm and tight will not only make you look good, but it will actually make you appear slim and tall.

Reduces back pain and improves health

Anyone that struggles with back pain and soreness, should strengthen their core muscles immediately because it is the fastest way to eliminate the pain once and for all. Strong core muscles will share the burden of supporting the entire body because the back is under so much pressure. Having weak core muscles puts even more strain on the back, which is partially the cause of the pain. Given that stronger core muscles will reduce the burden, that alone should start to alleviate, or even stop all of the pain completely. Strong core muscles also help you lose weight faster and speed up your metabolism as well.

Makes it easier to achieve the six pack abs

Although there are dozens of products and supplements on the market that claim they can give you six pack abs, that is completely false. The only way to even start getting the results that you want, is to strengthen your core in general, and not just do crunches to work on the abs. You need to do aerobic workouts to remove the layers of fat, do basic exercises to concentrate on the core, and then you start creating the six pack abs that you have always wanted.

Improves brain functioning

Exercise is known to benefit both body and mind. The truth is that your brain gets a workout just like the rest of your body, and it keeps you mentally healthy. The core is particularly important because it is intertwined with the back and the spinal cord, which communicates with the brain. Strong core muscles can actually make it easier and faster for the brain to receive signals from the spinal cord and improve balance and coordination.

Boosts strength and athletics skills

All athletes know that everything begins with the core. Anyone that wants to play sports whether it is basketball, football, or baseball knows that you must have a strong core to get the best performance. Even if you are not playing sports, it will still make you physically stronger.

Core muscles are very important to your health and appearance, so it is key that you take some time to strengthen them during your workouts.

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