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5 Pitfalls of Bodybuilding and Their Solutions

Arnold-Schwarzenegger-Bodybuilding-PhotosSuccessfully building impressive muscles requires dedication to a training program and diet regimen. Bodybuilders that are lackadaisical with regards to either of these two components will fail to achieve the results they are striving towards. To build powerful and impressive muscles, rigorous discipline is required. Bodybuilders cannot afford to cheat at their workout or diet. However, they often stumble and fall. Here are five reasons body builders often fail to realize the results they want, and how to fix these five mistakes.

1. Failure to Count Calories

The Problem: Most people, even dieters, do not count calories. People who count calories might gain weight; counting calories does not guarantee weight loss. However, not counting calories guarantees weight gain. Calories are not all the same. Some are better than others. Simply counting calories will not solve all weight problems. But, counting calories provides a base line. People that do not count calories have no way of analyzing their diets. Calories need to be counted before the benefits of a diet can be scrutinized.

The Solution: Start counting calories immediately. There are many convenient ways to keep track of calories. People can use food journals, apps and computer programs.

2. Dieting Too Much

The Problem: Dieters often are always on a diet. As diets progress, people’s bodies adapt to them. Metabolism often decreases after months of dieting, without a break. This makes losing additional weight extremely difficult, because the body uses fewer calories.

The Solution: Take a break from dieting. This does not mean that it is alright to gluttonously and uncontrollably eat everything in sight. However, reducing the rigor of a diet for about a week provides a mental break and allows the body’s metabolism to increase. A week of eating healthy, but not on stringent diet, can actually help people lose weight.

3. Fudging Calories

The Problem: Many calorie counters cheat. It is extremely tempting to fudge the number of calories consumed. A small handful of nuts or a piece of chocolate, which was eaten for a snack, might go uncounted. Perhaps there is an extra little piece of butter spread on some toast. There are many ways calories go uncounted. All of these add up. They create a discrepancy between the real calories consumed and the supposed calories counted.

The Solution: Gain accountability. Document everything that is eaten or drunk or absorbed into the stomach through osmosis. Then, find someone who will hold you accountable to count everything.

4. Boring Workouts

The Problem: Workouts become mundane and laborious over time. Workouts, which are repeated three to six times a week, can become boring. The same thing is done day after day. Bodybuilders that have achieved their personal goals are especially prone to this, as there is no progress to improve upon; strength is simply maintained. Once a workout loses its excitement and becomes a chore, people enjoy it less and are less inclined to continue with it.

The Solution: Change it up. Alter the workout, to keep it fresh, new and exciting. Exercise at a different location or try a new lift. This could be a good time to begin a new class or attend a boot camp. Perhaps cross-training in another sport would help. There are many ways to add variety to an exercise program.

5. Discouragement

The Problem: Everyone inevitably will become discouraged sometime during their bodybuilding program. People generally begin to lose hope in their regimen when results stop coming easily or when the workout becomes boring. The ability to overcome adversity is vital, but people struggle alone.

The Solution: Workout with other people. Bodybuilders should exercise alone as little as possible. Try to always find a buddy to lift with or a group to run with. Together, people can push one another further and provide encouragement when discouragement creeps into the routine.

Bodybuilders know that great results take time and determination to develop. They must be disciplined in their diet and excited in their training. Anytime people fail to count calories properly or lose the excitement of their routine, they are bound to fail. Being disciplined, changing routines up periodically and involving others in the program can help bodybuilders overcome these obstacles and be successful.

Author Bio: Jason S. writes for Iron Science, a manufacturer of quality nutrition supplements ranging from whey protein isolate to creatine.

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