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5 Reasons Smoking Is Bad For Your Workout

to stop smokingWith all of the supplements, powders and specialized diets available to those who want to get the most out of their workouts, smoking is one of the most counter-productive decisions possible. There are few other things that an exerciser can ingest into his body to reduce his or her capacity to build muscle mass or lose weight. Bottom line: your workouts hate smoking habits.

If you want to quit, here is a good starting point for you. It’s a good resource for information and tips you may need when you have finally decided to stop smoking. Keep in mind that smoking completely negates whatever progress you may be having with your workouts, so it’s not worth it.


Smoking reduces energy

When you’re pumping iron, you need all the energy you can get to lift the maximum number of weights. None of this is possible if you have just smoked a pack of cigarettes. Medical researchers have long established that cigarette-smoking is bad for the lungs and a pack of cigarettes a day will leave you out of breath sooner and prevent you from lifting as many weights.

The lack of oxygen also has an effect on the body’s overall energy system, since the body needs oxygen in order to make energy out of food. This results from the way in which the carbon monoxide in cigarettes prevents the lungs from absorbing as much oxygen. As a result, your muscles will not receive the strain needed to strengthen themselves at a rate that you might have hoped.

Smoking reduces oxygen in the blood

The muscles need oxygen in order to lift the most weight possible. This is why holding one’s breath can bring a power workout to a screeching halt. Smoking reduces the amount of oxygen in the blood both by increasing the amount of carbon monoxide in the blood and by reducing the amount of oxygen that the body inhales in the first place. This can only have one effect: a reduction in the overall effectiveness of the workout.

Smoking makes workouts more dangerous

Smoking can have negative cognitive effects that can make working out much more dangerous. Weight lifting — especially workouts like squats and bench presses — require a certain degree of reaction time and focus.

Poor reaction time can cause weights to slip at an inopportune moment, leading to dropped weights, damage to property and bodily injury. Poor concentration can also cause the weight lifter to perform workouts incorrectly, which can lead to injuries when strain is placed on wrong parts of the muscle.

Smoking makes working out harder

Cigarettes are addictive because they contain nicotine, which is a stimulant. Nicotine increases the heart rate, which also increases blood pressure. The greater the increase in blood pressure, the less that blood flows through the body. This leads to an overall sense of fatigue that can make it harder to force yourself to work out in the first place.

Those who smoke are much more likely to stop working out than those who have never smoked a cigarette. The good news is that your workout can also be a good reason for you to finally kick the habit. One way to quit once and for all is to do some exercises whenever you get a craving for a smoke.

Smoking is counter-productive

The whole point of the workout is to keep pushing yourself farther and farther as you develop better endurance. Building up endurance can take a very long time, so smoking can be a highly counter-productive decision that will only make it take longer for exercisers to get the results they want.

If you need help quitting smoking, or know someone that does make sure you invest time and energy into stopping that habit. It will increase your quality of life, and the quality of your workouts. Below are few tips that can help you avoid unintentional weight gain, after you quit smoking.

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