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5 Tips to Starting a Home Gym

Home GymA lot of people don’t like to go to the gym these days and for good reason. Gyms are crowded, people glare at you with those judging eyes, or whatever the reason may be.  So a great alternative way to get in your exercise is to start a home gym. This is where you buy various pieces of exercise equipment, and dedicate a location in your house for them, as a home gym. Before you go out and buy some cool looking machines that you think would be great for your home gym, read these 5 tips:

1. Be sure you have the space

This one is pretty obvious but important nonetheless. Starting a home gym isn’t something you just do on a whim. There needs to be planning, and you need to have a place to have your home gym. Designating an extra room is probably the wisest thing to do, that way all of your equipment is in one place, making it easy to find.

2. Convenience doesn’t equal quality

It is wise to make quality your #1 concern, not the convenience of the machine. Portability seems like it is a fantastic feature, but in most cases you sacrifice the quality of that piece of equipment for how convenient it is. For example, the fold-up feature of some treadmills can actually bring down the quality of a machine. It may work out better with how much space you have, but then you have to consider the first tip: you need have enough space to start a home gym.

3. Vary your selection of equipment

Mix it up! You don’t want to get machines that will give you the same type of workout. Get machines that will work a different part of your body. Why get two machines if one of them can get the job done. There are machines that are 2 machines in one, and can work different parts of your body on the same machine. Take NordicTrack incline trainers for example: they can be a treadmill, giving you a great cardio workout; but then jack up the incline and you’ve got an almost completely different workout, engaging more muscles than from running on a flat surface.

4. Be smart with your decisions

Too many people get a machine that they rarely use, or they’ve shelled out a huge amount of cash on a machine with thousand of features that gets used only once, and then forever forgotten. Do some research and find the most capable, basic piece of equipment that gets the job done without all of the fancy gadgets and stuff.  You will also be saving money by doing so.

5. Read reviews

Probably the best sources of information are the average every-day people who have bought the machine and written a review on the company’s website. Be mindful that most of these reviews are contradicting, so do not base your purchasing decision on just one review. Read a several of them, and ask around as well. I usually read more of the negative reviews, to see whether there is a common theme. If 50% of the negative reviews are highlighting the same thing, then you know it’s time to move to the next equipment.

If you follow the above guidelines, you can get a great workout station right at home, and make it worth the purchase. But remember, home workout exercises can be done with or without equipment. I personally prefer body-weight exercise routines that involve very minimal use of gym equipment. However, if you prefer using equipment, then make use of the tips above.

Dr. Kal’s Weight Loss Tips provides further information on home gyms, if you have more questions regarding them.