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5 Ways for Bodybuilders to Save Money

young-arnold-bodybuilderIf you watch TV, then you know that you can save money on your car insurance (Allstate), your health insurance (Aflac), and pretty much every other kind of insurance (Geico). And anyone who’s been around for a while knows that you can save on groceries by clipping coupons, on dining out by using Groupon, and on clothing, home items, and even cars by waiting for major sale weekends. But when it comes to other aspects of your life, you may find yourself at a loss as to how to save on the items you buy all the time. Bodybuilders, for example, pay a heinous amount of money for gym memberships, personal trainers, and at-home workout equipment, not to mention food and supplements. So how can you save on these important items? Here are five great tips to help you out.

Company credit

It’s no secret that companies have to shell out major money for employee insurance benefits; so one great way to save some money is to talk to your company about instituting a gym policy. When you are in better health they pay less for your insurance. For this reason, they might be willing to work with a gym to secure lower rates for their employees, offer you a monthly stipend towards your gym membership, or even install a gym facility at your corporate office.

Gym membership

If you don’t happen to work for a forward-thinking company that wants to support your fitness goals, you may have to seek out other ways of reducing the cost of membership, and the first thing you should do is shop around. You probably have many options in your area so you should be able to squeeze some concessions out of them, such as waiving the signing fee or offering discounts for a family membership. Ask about any discounts they might offer and use the offers you get as leverage to negotiate at other gyms. You may also want to ask about offering services (like cleaning) in exchange for a discounted membership.


Bulking requires a higher caloric intake than normal, but it also necessitates a specific diet. It’s not like you’re sitting around eating Twinkies all day. You need lots of protein (meat and other animal products), whole grains, veggies, and fruits. That’s all fresh stuff, which means it’s going to cost you more and you’ll have a hard time finding coupons or sales for much of it. Your best bet to save here is to join a bulk food club like Costco or Sam’s Club. Although you will pay an annual fee, the massive savings will more than make up for it.


It’s tough to save on supplements, but a good place to start is by staying away from the latest and greatest and sticking to the tried and true. Limit your supplement regimen to basics like a multivitamin, amino acids, and whey protein. You may not be able to get discounts on supplements often, but you don’t need to blow all your dough on the newest products when a pretty basic lineup of supplements will do the trick.


After everything else you’re spending on, at-home equipment may seem out of reach; you don’t want to find yourself applying for an adverse credit credit card because you ruined your credit rating with all of your purchases. So look online for discount equipment, check out Craigslist for used offerings (some are practically new and marked as “you haul”), and look for gym closures hosting sales or auctions.

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