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Appropriate Vatentine’s Day Fitness Gifts

valentines dayIt can be difficult finding the right gift for the health conscious significant other in your life. Sure it’s OK to splurge on chocolates on this special day, but you certainly don’t want to give a big box of them that will ruin their diet. Nothing translates your love for your significant other more than a gift that demonstrates you know them and their goals. Finding that ideal fitness gift can be tricky. You certainly do not want to offend the person, and you do not want them to take it the wrong way. So keeping that in mind, here are five gift ideas for that special, health conscious person in your life:

Workout Shoes

Everyone loves receiving a new pair of shoes. Pay attention and see what types of workout shoes your significant other are interested it. It’s likely they’ve been window shopping and have already planned out their next pair. When getting your significant other their workout shoes, you can even engrave their initials or a small message in the shoe. This will help personalize it, which makes the gift even more special.

Workout Clothes

If you know your significant other well, you should know the types of clothes they like to wear when they work out. Aim to get them something a bit nicer, like an Under Armor shirt in their favorite color. Similarly with shoes, you can also get a special message or logo stitched onto the article of clothing. This will remind them of you every time they get ready for a workout.

Digital Heart Rate Monitor

Those that are really into fitness like to keep track of every detail of their workout, including heart rate. While taking your pulse will give you a good estimate of your heart rate, it’s hard to know exactly what it is. A digital heart rate monitor that goes around your waist will allow you to constantly monitor your pulse via a watch/wrist band. Again, you can engrave a date or your loved one’s initials onto the back of the watch/wrist band to personalize the gift.

Sports Sunglasses

When running outdoors, we know the importance of wearing sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun and the elements. You can get your significant other a pair of sporty polarized sunglasses so that they can look stylish while preventing the UV rays from damaging their eyes. You can show this special person you know them well by picking a style that would fit well into their workout wardrobe.

Customizable Energy Bars

This is a great idea that will truly test how well you know your significant other. There are several different websites that allow you to build your own energy bars, which will test if you truly know your loved one’s tastes and preferences. You can even give them romantic names, so they think of you before their next workout.

Author Bio: Adam has been busy helping visitors find the best Valentine’s Day gift for their fitness minded loved ones. He’ll help you find the right athletic socks, such as ankle socks, to purchase with your new athletic shoes.

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