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BluePrintCleanse is Your Best Juice Detox and Cleanse Diet

BluePrintCleanseIf you have ever breathed the city air, and/or consumed processed food (and I’m ~101% sure you have), chances are your body contains a fair amount of toxins. One way to get rid of some of these toxins is by exercising and sweating them out. To complement your fitness “detox” program, you may also want to go through a detox and cleanse diet. For this, I chose a company called BluePrintCleanse, as they offer a 100% organic raw vegan fruits and vegetables juice cleanse diet that you can complete mainly over a 3-day or 5 day period. Depending on the length of the detox, it delivers different results. A three-day cleanse helps the body get rid of old built up matter, and cleanses the bloodstream. A five-day cleanse starts the process of rebuilding and healing the immune system. There is also a 10-day cleanse (not as common as the 3 and 5-day), which helps prevent issues before they arise, and fight off degenerative diseases.

BluePrintCleanse Detox Levels

There are 3 levels of cleanse depending on your eating habit: Renovation, Foundation, and Excavation. The primary difference between each level resides in the proportion of veggies vs fruit content in each juice. The more vegetable content, the deeper the cleanse. The main benefit of vegetable-based juice is its alkalizing effect (remember, the more alkaline your body, the stronger your immune system). For that reason, I chose the Excavation cleanse level. Also, since I am looking for the lowest sugar content cleanse of all, the Excavation qualifies as the only fruit juice used in the Excavation juice cleanse is apple juice, and it is always combined with green juice.

If you are new to juice cleanse, your should play it safe and choose the Renovation level. If you consider yourself the middle of the road type, i.e you do make some healthy eating and lifestyle choices on occasion, then the Foundation cleanse level would be suitable for you. If on the other hand, you are extremely conscious of everything you put in your body (like me), you are a great candidate for the Excavation cleanse.

How is the BluePrintCleanse Juice Made?

BluePrintCleanse’s fruit and vegetable juices are extracted using a seven ton hydraulic press, rather than your common bladed juicers or centrifugal juicers. The BluePrintCleanse juice manufacturing process is two-pronged: the food initially goes through a cutting and grinding stage, and then put in the hydraulic press, which is a much more intensive stage. Almost all of the pulp is pressed out giving the juice a longer-lasting, tastier, more nutritionally dense capacity (due to its low oxygen content). Pulp contains air, and when pulp is left in the juice it oxidizes (rust) very quickly. It is estimated that the BluePrintCleanse hydraulic press method extracts 3 to 5 times more vitamins and minerals than juice from other machines.

This allows the juices to retain a significant amount of nutritional value, which also helps your body to process and assimilate them much faster, as they are mineral and vitamin-rich.

Is BluePrintCleanse a Fasting Diet?

Despite the fact that my detox is 100% liquid-based, this is not a fasting diet. Fasting has a connotation of deprivation, which is not the case at all with the BluePrintCleanse juices because they keep you full and energized all day. You can continue to exercise while you are on the BluePrintCleanse juice program. In fact, your mind becomes clearer and your ability to solve problems enhances significantly and here is the reason: rather than large amounts of blood and nervous energies being sent to your digestive organs to break down solid food, that extra blood, oxygen, and energy is directed towards (and utilized by) your brain.

Excavation Cleanse Level

Each cleanse level comprises 6 main juices. But as mentioned above, the Excavation cleanse level has the highest vegetable content. Below are the juices you should expect in the Excavation cleanse, along with their fruit and vegetable content.

JUICE 1: First thing in the morning


JUICE 2: Mid-morning


JUICE 3: Lunch time


JUICE 4: Mid-afternoon


JUICE 5: Dinner time


JUICE 6: Before bed


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