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Can High-Tech Workout Gear Improve Athletic Performance?

GymbossWorking out has changed considerably over the years. The ways of traditional pushups and jumping rope are slowly fading away, due in part to recent high tech workout gear that has helped improve athletic performance.

If what you wear to workout is the last thing on your mind then you may be hindering your athletic performance and not even know it. In recent years, clothing companies have redesigned the way they manufacture workout clothing, because of the effects of certain fabrics on the skin. One of the biggest hindrances of a workout is when people simply put on the first t-shirt and shorts made of cotton that they can find.


Regular clothes made of cotton is not a good option for a workout, because cotton absorbs sweat, making your clothing heavier, which can weigh you down and affect your stamina. In turn, the absorbed moisture can cause irritations of the skin, which can end a workout early due to discomfort, and affect the likelihood of wanting to work out the next day as well. Many clothing companies are now exclusively making their workout clothes out of synthetic materials because sweat evaporates from that material or rolls right off it.

Compression clothing is made from a synthetic based material that does have a positive effect on performance. Since compression clothing is wrapped tightly to the body, it is believed that it does provide support to the muscles, which increases endurance. In addition, compression clothing can make you more resistant to wind if you are running outdoors.

MP3 Player

Another aspect to consider is that many people listen to music while working out. Manufacturers of high-tech workout equipment have taken that into consideration by integrating adapters to their equipment so that you can plug and play your MP3 device. You may not realize that holding your MP3 in your hand is distracting from your workout. The same applies to standard headphones, which may slip off during a workout, which is why many electronic companies have designed headphones specifically to optimize workout performance.

Electronic Video Game

Other forms of electronic equipment are becoming the new hot trends. In addition to electronic video games, old school methods of working out like jumping rope have gone high-tech. Advantages to the wireless activities give the impression that you are not necessarily working out, but rather playing a video game and allow you to improve your athletic performance by working out longer.

Gymboss Interval Timer

One need-to have gadget is the Gymboss Interval Timer, which is a device that sets up your entire routine into intervals of same durations separated with rest times. The most frustrating thing about doing interval training workout is to remember to count your reps. The Gymboss solves that issue.


Taking high tech gadgets one step further is armband technology, which can monitor calories burned, miles travelled, and other points of information. That information can then be wirelessly transferred to your computer or mobile phone application, allowing for greater ease and freedom in monitoring your athletic performance.

Final Considerations

As you can see, some high-tech workout gadgets can add value to your workout and make you more efficient. However other high-tech devices have to be taken with a grain of salt. Examples are muscle stimulating belts and straps that wrap around problem areas like the abs, which are suggested to create the effect of an activity like crunches. Equipment like these rarely are effective. The thought of sitting at home all day doing nothing, and having these torso-strapping devices do the work for you, is at best naive. You have to sweat off the fat through high intensity cardio routines, and that’s how you get a lean body.

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