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Exercise on Vacation – Working Out While You Travel

Exercising on vacationVacation is supposed to be a time of relaxation to provide a respite from the usual grind of responsibilities like work, bills, and everyday life, which can take a toll on you after a while. The only problem with vacation is that when people travel for holidays, they also tend to leave behind the positive aspects of their life, such as keeping healthy eating habits and a steady workout plan.

Just because you are on vacation and not immersed in the surroundings of your usual workout atmosphere, it does not mean that you should stop working out. The following tips are ways to maintain your healthy lifestyle by still working out while you travel.

Hotel Gyms

Try to book your vacation accommodation at a hotel that provides a gym. Most hotels provide a fitness facility. While it may not compare to the gym you are a member of at home, it should certainly suffice to keep you in shape while you are out on vacation


A good way to explore a new city is to walk everywhere. If you are not in a rush and if the location you are visiting is conducive for walking everywhere then why rent a car or utilize public transportation? Walking may not be an exuberant high intensity cardio workout or burn an excessive amount of calories, but it will get your heart rate going much more than simply hailing a cab.


Most hotels, even the ones that are on the lower end, have swimming pools. Swimming is an aerobic exercise that provides a full body workout. The other positive aspect of swimming is that it provides a relaxing sensation, and does not put a lot of stress on the body, compared to other exercise activities.


Every location has running and hiking trails specific to its area. If you are vacationing in a coastal area, then running on the beach provides a great workout. Running on sand is easier on the joints than running on cement,;and the resistance it provides allows you to burn nearly twice as much calories as running on flat ground. If you are vacationing in an area with mountains, then there is likely to be beautiful hiking ranges. Either way, there will be some sort of trail to take advantage of where you are staying.

In Room Workout

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an old fashioned workout of jumping jacks, situps, and pushups. Nearly any room you are staying in while on vacation can accommodate you getting on the floor and knocking out a few sets of each.

Equipment Rental

Depending on where you are vacationing there are likely some businesses that cater to out of visitors, who want to experience a flavor of their lifestyle. Coastal towns often have bike and surfboard rental shop,s so you can explore the town via bicycle or learn to surf. Other locations may offer equipment rental to play golf or tennis. Along the same lines, purchasing a day membership to a gym should also be considered.

All of the aforementioned ideas will provide energy insurance, so that when vacation ends and you get back to your regular workout routine, it will feel like you never stopped working out.

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