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Health & Fitness Vacation in Majorca Spain

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Are you looking to rev up your health and fitness this year, but don’t know what to try? Perhaps you need a change of scene to freshen things up and get you out of the gym. The island of Majorca in Spain is great for sports lovers – it’s home to Majorcan tennis players Rafael Nadal and Carlos Moya and it’s also big for road-based cycling in Europe – and you’ll find that many other activities are embraced here. For some great fitness holiday ideas in Majorca, try these top suggestions:


Don’t just go swimming here take advantage of the clean and clear waters, as well as the marine life under the sea. Snorkelling is cheap and an easy way to get into holiday exercise. You can buy yourself a snorkel and flippers from local gift shops next to the bigger Majorcan beaches. This is an ideal low-impact sport as you won’t be putting your body under too much pressure, but you will be burning calories


Why not play the famous Majorcan sport with other holidaymakers? Popular courts can be found at Manacor, home to Rafael Nadal, or at the Paguera Tennis Centre on the western side of the island, where Boris Becker has played. The centre is just 5 minutes’ walk from the S’Olivera Hotel, which has sporting facilities. Many hotels have their own tennis courts.


This is a good fitness activity for children or adults. There are dedicated companies who can organise kayaking trips for you, or you can hire at the beach, particularly around Alcudia in the north, and paddle on your own. Kayaking is a great workout for the arms and abs, plus you’ll see the coastline up close, so why not take a few photos as you go?


Bikes are popular in Majorca, in urban and rural areas. In the capital, Palma City, you can rent bikes for free using the BiciPalma scheme, and elsewhere it’s quick and easy to hire. Peak cycling season runs from March to May, due to the mild weather, and some rental companies will even deliver your bike to your hotel, which saves you a journey. Choose a mountain bike for riding on paths and trails, such as those in the Tramuntana Mountains around Deia and Soller, but otherwise a road bike is fine if you’ll be sticking to the promenades and streets.

These are just a handful of the fitness options available to you on a healthy holiday to Majorca. Not only can you easily access facilities and equipment, but you’ll also benefit from a warmer climate and a Mediterranean diet during your stay. Say hello to the new you when you visit this sporty island.

Author Bio: Polly Allen is a Destination Marketer and freelance journalist who enjoys travel and walking. Recently she’s spent a lot of time in Majorca, Florence and Boston.

By the way, next time you are e-booking a trip to Spain, be sure to also check out healthy activities you can engage in

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