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Qualities of a Successful Fitness Instructor

fitness-instructorWith obesity on the rise and more people living a sedentary life, physical fitness and exercise become exceedingly important.  Unfortunately when it comes to exercise, many people have an excuse as to why they cannot work out. Citing they don’t have time, have an injury, or acknowledge they’re simply unmotivated to start moving, people will give a variety of reasons to put off starting an exercise regimen. For these reasons, some people choose to hire a personal trainer to aid them with their workout goals.

As a personal trainer, your goal isn’t only to motivate, but also to help. With so many types of people and so many different training techniques, it may seem challenging to know where to start on this career path.

While some people choose to pursue personal trainer careers working in a gym, others take a less conventional approach. Because many people cite lack of time as their reasoning for not working out, many trainers are choosing to bring their business to their clients. By visiting them in their homes, you are minimizing the likelihood of them saying they don’t have time to go to the gym or that they cannot find a gym to join. Also by working in their natural surroundings, you are making it easier for them to continue to work out between their sessions with you.

Plan in advance

Set their personal work out sessions with you in advance and treat it like a business appointment. If people do not set aside regular appointments, they will not continue their work outs and therefore will not achieve their weight loss or exercise goals.

Allow group sessions

Invite others who have similar weight loss goals to also be a part of these appointments. Have your client bring friends and family members, or introduce them to people who strive for similar goals. Studies show that people who have a support group do better with their weight loss goals because they have someone to encourage them along the way.  Not only that, but studies also show that when two or more people work out together there is a natural, healthy competition that takes place.  This also pushes them to go farther and do more than even they thought possible.

Praise your client

Be selective with your praise, but remember to include it. People respond best to praise rather than critiques. However, don’t give away your praise easily. Your client has to earn it through hard work and sweat. Clients tend to cherish praises that come only once in a blue moon, rather than those that come with every workout session. When you praise you clients, tell them exactly what the praise is for. For example: “You impressed me a lot today! Your upper body is getting much stronger with every session, I can feel it, and I know you can too! That’s a praise that carries weight because not only does it boost your client’s confidence, it will allow her to book subsequent sessions to do even better next time.

Being a personal trainer may be a challenging career choice, but it is satisfying one. By using these tips and your own knowledge and experience, you can have the confidence to know that you can motivate people to be their best.

About the Author: Allison Brenner is a copywriter for the Professional Career Development Institute (PCDI). Visit our website to learn more about our personal trainer school

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