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Muscle Toning – Three Essential Components you Need to Know about

Six-pack absToning your muscle is the process of making it more prominent and visible. This process involves dedication and hence is difficult. You have to constantly maintain your body fat at a minimum level and also work out sufficiently to build your muscles, so that they are well defined. The regimen you have to follow for toning your muscles is dependent on various factors such as your age and your current physique. A regimen can be defined only when a careful assessment of these factors has been done. The basic things to look out for when you want to tone your muscles are:

Strength Training

This phase of muscle toning involves lifting weights or engaging in bodyweight workouts. You begin to build muscles by lifting weights or doing bodyweight workouts. Beginners must be very careful about two aspects of weight training in order to remain injury free. First, they must ensure that their technique is correct. To make this easy, begin by practicing with free very light weights before graduating to heavier weights. As a beginner, you must also ensure that you are not lifting too much weight too fast. The weight lifted should be gradually increased over a period of time. Second, make sure you don’t work out all seven days of the week. Your muscles need sufficient time to heal and rejuvenate. In fact, your muscles grow when you are resting, not when you are at the gym; so give them the break they deserve. Take one or two days of rest each week.

Fat Loss

This is a very important component of muscle toning. Remember that your aim is to lose fat and not lose muscle mass in the process. Strength training can only burn so many calories. You should also do other cardiovascular activities like cycling, jogging or swimming that will help you burn fat. When the weather is cold and you do not have the will to venture outside, there are several high intensity cardio routines you can do right at home.


When you are looking to have toned muscles, it is very important that you stick to a healthy diet. The rules of thumb include swapping the soda with water, increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables (papaya, apple, broccoli, asparagus, brussel sprouts etc), reducing your consumption of sugar and all artificial sweeteners, and sleeping at least 7 to 8 hours.

Final Considerations

One thing you must ensure is to stay away from miracle pills and other supplements on your quest for toned muscles. These pills are not only expensive and ineffective, they are known to have multiple side effects. If you have to use any supplement, do make sure its ingredients are 100% natural.

Author Bio: Sabrina Lawson is a personal fitness trainer and a freelance writer. Lawson believes in the goodness of prescription human growth hormone for bodybuilders. In her free time, she loves to pamper her pooch and shop for wholesale dog supplies.  

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