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How Zumba Makes Your Heart Healthy and Strong

zumbaLike any workout, it’s hard to know when something that you are doing is working or not in regards to weight loss, weight retention, or accomplishing your health goals. If your overall goal is to become healthier and decrease health risks that come with age, finding a fitness sport that you love definitely helps you become fit and strong. Why is this? This may seem rather simple, but you are more apt to become fit because you enjoy the sport you are participating in.

Taking part in aerobic activities that you don’t particularly enjoy may mean that you aren’t making an effort to involve yourself. If you love something, you are going to give it your full effort. Even if you don’t like working out, you may like Zumba. Zumba not only makes your body strong, but your heart strong too, which helps you live a longer and healthier life. Let’s not forget about other important steps like eating right and taking vitamins and supplements.

What is Zumba?

Zumba is a combination of Latin music and dance moves that make you get up and move while listening to fun and upbeat songs that urge you to dance too! If you’re not familiar with dancing this may be difficult at first, but try not to concern yourself with the steps. Just have fun! Zumba can be performed in a class with others or you can buy videos that instruct you in the comfort of your own home. Being in a class with others is encouraged because by being a part of a class setting you are motivated and can pick up the dance instructor’s dancing techniques by observation.

How Does Zumba Help with Your Health & Fitness?

Depending on the class, you can lose anywhere from 300 to 900 calories per session. However, this depends on how hard you are working out. This weight-bearing exercise helps you build and maintain your bone density too. The good news is that this decreases your risk for osteoporosis. What are some other benefits? Zumba is a great exercising experience and you will improve your cardiovascular endurance with each class that you take. It doesn’t stop here either. While practicing Zumba you also lower your risk for heart disease, Type 2 diabetes, certain kinds of cancer, and strokes.


Exercise Helps Your Heart be Healthy and Strong

It’s common sense that exercise helps your heart become healthier and stronger. But this is also the case with Zumba. Now, not only is it important to get at least 150 minutes of exercise per week, it’s important to find a sport or activity that works for you. If Zumba is something that you love or you think you’d like to try, don’t let anything hold you back. You’ll reap the benefits and your healthy heart will too.

Author Bio: Sierra is a freelance writer and blogger. Catch up on her latest health activities on her Ocean Dreams blog.