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Put Down the Fast Food and Try Eating some Fruits and Vegetables

quit fast foodHave you ever taken a good look at the kinds of food people eat most in an average day? Fast food, coffee, processed sweets, fatty sandwiches. It’s a wonder anyone is able to get through a single day. What ever happened to fruits and vegetables?

Unfortunately, very few people eat enough natural foods. Recent surveys from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention indicate that only about 28 percent of individuals eat adequate amounts of fruit, while only 32 percent eat the recommended amount of vegetables. Not coincidentally, the CDC estimates that about one-third of adults are obese.

Failing to eat enough fruit and vegetables is such a major problem, because fruits and veggies are among the best sources of vitamin and antioxidants. Furthermore, they are low in fat. This means that a person can fill themselves on non-fattening food while getting the nutrients their body needs most.

Despite these benefits, many people would rather head to the nearest burger joint or sub shop for lunch, rather than bring more sensible options with them for the day. So how can you get out of this kind of nutritional rut?

How do You Quit Fast Food

The first step to quitting fast food, is to avoid eating out when it is not absolutely necessary. Food prepared at home is generally much more nutritious and lower in fat. Numerous studies have shown that people tend to eat more vegetables and other fresh options when they eat food they prepare themselves.

This may sound like a simple step, but it is often difficult for busy professionals to accomplish. It is far easier to grab a bagel on the way to work and then head out again at lunch time, than it is to get up early enough in the morning to sit down to a real breakfast and prepare a sensible lunch.

Try making things easier for yourself. Make your lunch the night before when you have more time. Think about breakfast options that require less time and energy like oatmeal or a healthy cereal. The key is to find ways to work meal preparation into your schedule; for example season your meat one day ahead of time, rather than the day you cook it; this will same you time.

Changing eating habits to consume more fresh fruits and vegetables may seem challenging at first, but the rewards are worth it. People who eat healthy have more energy and a more upbeat attitude. Ultimately, the work involved will pay off.

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