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Super Bowl Sunday Game Plan – How to Avoid Overeating

Best Super Bowl foodYou finally got through the smorgasbord of holiday feasting, miraculously only a few pounds heavier, and got back on your diet with the turning of the year. But just when you think you’re out of the woods in terms of food-heavy festivities, here comes the Super Bowl to ruin your resolve (and your weight-loss progress). With such favorites as nachos, buffalo wings, and pigs in a blanket piled up on the buffet table (and nary a vegetable in sight), you’re sure to get yourself into trouble.  And considering the drink of choice is calorie-laden beer, you can kiss your dreams of a slim, trim waistline goodbye for another month. Let’s face it: even the best laid plans can be easily derailed by a table heaped with goodies, the lowered inhibitions that come with alcohol consumption, and a general atmosphere or abandon that accompanies the Super Bowl.  So what is a weak soul with an eye on weight-loss to do?  Here are a few tips to help keep you on track.


Bring your own everything to the Super Bowl party!  There’s nothing wrong with eating the things you love as long as you do it right. So consider making low-cal versions of your faves (and bring plenty).  Then simply limit your intake of other foods.  And if you must have beer, make sure to bring the lite stuff for your own consumption. If you run out of ideas, consider making any of these 5 healthy Super Bowl snacks.

Skip the alcohol

Alcohol lowers your inhibitions, which means a couple of drinks could lead to a lot more snacking.  This is a big no-no for those of us seeking to shed a few unwanted pounds.  If you want to stay in control, bring a few water bottles or some homemade juice instead.  Or if you really want the taste of beer, consider bringing O’Douls.  It’s non-alcoholic, so you won’t lose your decision-making ability.  And although it doesn’t come in a light version, it’s actually about half the calories of regular beer anyway.

Be aware

Often it’s not what you eat that hurts your waistline, but rather how much of it you consume.  So the trick to keeping the pounds off during this feast-fest is to track what you eat.  For some people, this means keeping a tally on paper.  But that can be embarrassing to explain; besides, a pen and paper can distract you from your Super Bowl game, can’t they?  So try a couple of tricks to keep you on track.  Bring a box of toothpicks and put one in your pocket for every item you eat (having a pre-set limit ahead of time).  Or stick to a one-plate, one-bite rule: allow yourself only one plate of food during the game, and take only one bite of each item on your plate.

Work out 

Some of us exercise purely so that we can reward ourselves by eating what we want.  It’s all about calories in and calories out.  So if you want to eat with abandon, you’ll just have to burn off the extra calories.  Just make sure to get in some intense exercise BEFORE the Super Bowl game since you’re not likely to do it afterwards.  The great thing is, once you’ve done all that work, you probably won’t want to ruin it by overeating at the game! So, exert some self-discipline over the amount of reward you lavish yourself with.

Super Bowl Theme Song Workout


It’s strange to think about eating preemptively, but for those of us trying to keep our frame intact, it’s an essential step.  Eat something healthy and filling, before you head to the Super Bowl party (even a healthy whey protein shake should do the trick) and you’ll find that you’re not only less hungry when you arrive, but the food is also less appealing, thus bolstering your willpower, and helping you stick to your weight-maintenance goals.

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