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Treadmill Insanity High Intensity Interval Workout

Treadmills are often viewed and used as a single exercise machine (i.e for jogging in a continuous fashion). It doesn’t help that the treadmill machine has been marketed for decades as a cardio machine that has a single purpose in life. However, unlike what you have been brought up to believe, the treadmill can in fact accommodate a wide variety of cardio and strength training exercises. If like several others, you have been subdued by the monotony of the treadmill, you may want to spice up your workout session by making a few changes to your treadmill workout. Below is one treadmill exercise routine I particularly favor, for both its high intensity and strength training nature.

Treadmill Insanity High Intensity Interval Workout

I call this Treadmill Insanity workout for a reason. It will push you to your ultimate limit, break the monotony of your regular workout, and rev up your metabolism exponentially. Make sure you stretch nicely prior to beginning the exercise, to avoid any muscle straining issues. Then hop on the treadmill and raise the incline to 15 (which should be the maximum incline setting). Depending on your fitness level, you should set the speed between 4 and 6 miles per hour. If you are not sure which speed to set your treadmill at, do the following. Begin walking on the treadmill, then push the speed up until it forces you to start jogging. Add another two miles per hour to that, and this should be your treadmill speed.

Interval Workout

This treadmill interval workout involves alternating between runs and walks. Run at the speed discussed above, and walk at 1 mile per hour. Each rep lasts 30 seconds. Continue alternating non-stop for 20 minutes, and then cool off on the treadmill at 2 miles per hour for 3 minutes.

This high intensity treadmill workout should be done every other day. Good luck!