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Bodyweight Workout – The Benefits Of Bodyweight Training

Bodyweight workout is one of the most underrated forms of weight workouts there is. Some people think that it’s impossible to get great results with this kind of training because they believe that actual physical weights are a must-have tool. Others simply don’t find the use in it. However, there are many others who have seen tremendous amount of positive changes by doing bodyweight exercises. In fact, bodyweight workout has become a sort of secret weapon with which one can get incredible fat burning and muscle toning results. I also do bodyweight workouts on a regular basis and I find them to be effective, efficient, and a lot of fun to do. Let me share with you why I like this form of training:

1. Bodyweight training saves me money

Bodyweight training is the low-cost way of working out. You don’t need to buy a lot of fancy and expensive fitness equipment, and you certainly don’t need to pay a monthly membership fee to a gym. Some equipment can make your workouts better, but they are all affordable and won’t break the bank. For example, I do recommend purchasing a Iron Gym total upper body pull up bar, a Gymboss Interval Timer, a stability ball, and a jump rope. These give you more options. However, keep in mind that above all, your body is the best gym equipment you possess.

2. Bodyweight workout saves me time

I don’t know about you, but my time is very precious to me. I don’t like to spend my time on the road. I like to do things quickly and have more free time for the things I love. This is why I dislike having to commute over to the gym. Since I do bodyweight training, I can now train at home. I don’t need to spend any time on going to the gym and back.

3. Bodyweight exercises give me freedom

Since I’m not using a lot of equipment in my workouts, and I can use none at all if I choose to (except for the Gymboss of course), I have a lot of freedom when it comes to where I train. I can do a bodyweight workout at home, in the park, or in a hotel room when I’m traveling. I have freedom and my workout routine is never put on hold when my location changes. Below is a perfect hotel room workout

4. Bodyweight workout has a good flow to it

I like the flow of bodyweight workouts. The ability to move quickly between one exercise and the next is fantastic and exciting. Since you don’t need to wait for a strength machine to become vacant or change weights between sets, you can do very effective circuit workouts made up of bodyweight exercises. This allows you to do a better workout overall.

The bottom line is that I think that bodyweight training is an excellent way to train no matter what your current fitness level is. It is simply very effective. Try the high intensity bodyweight workout routine below.

Final considerations

In addition to your bodyweight workout regimen, be sure to supplement your exercise routines with proper diet. It doesn’t matter if it is Atkins diet (dieta Atkins in Spanish), Mediterranean diet (dieta mediterranea), or Fricker diet (dieta Fricker). The most important thing is to always select healthy ingredients and drink plenty of water. Do not expect results overnight; there is no such thing. However, if you stick to your bodyweight workout routines, coupled with proper diet, the results will soon follow, undeniably.

Good Luck!

About the Author: Jonathan Dunsky is a health and fitness blogger. He blogs at where he shares a variety of tips and advice on fitness, nutrition, and weight loss.