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CrossFit: a Fleeting Trend or a Serious Workout

crossfit workoutOne year it’s Tae Bo. Another year it’s Zumba. The truth is that just like with fashion, when it comes to exercise regimen, there are also trends. Currently, one of the more popular is what is called CrossFit training.

If you’re not familiar with it by name, basically it’s a strength conditioning exercise program which core principles have been incorporated for several years by police training academies, military units, athletes, Nascar¬†drivers and award-winning martial artists. It is an intense curriculum, but because the focus is on repetitiveness of the type of workout more so than the applied tension of the exercises themselves, CrossFit trainers believe that the techniques are applicable to everyone, from teenage athletes to even elderly that aren’t in the best physical condition. If you’re interested in receiving proof of these theories, actually has a section on the site entitled, CrossFit Journal. It’s a place where the community can access information on a variety of techniques and styles and how they can be applied to different kinds of individuals.

CrossFit training is quite popular. All across the country, there are gyms that offer it as a class. While many people are catching on, some do wonder if it’s an exercise trend that will have longevity mostly because there are passionate reviews about its pros, but also of its cons. The upside of the program is that while it features a range of exercises from Olympic lifts to non-traditional weightlifting like sand-bags, and because it encourages you to do a certain amount of repetitions in a limited amount of time, the muscle development that you have the ability to achieve, without working out for months on end, is truly amazing.

There are some concerns, however, that there is also a huge risk of injury to those who are poorly prepared. That is why it is highly-recommended that you not start a CrossFit regimen without the assistance of a personal trainer; one that will show you how to develop your joints in the areas where your body will need the most support to do CrossFit accurately, including your shoulders, ankles and pelvic region. As your trainer prepares your body, you will be able to not just see muscle definition, but because you will also be burning a lot of calories in the process, you should be able to notice a great amount of weight loss as well.

However, even with the assistance of a personal trainer, it is a good idea to keep in mind that due to the high injury risk, there are many trainers that are having a challenging time getting the insurance to cover it. Also, there does not seem to be a thorough enough curriculum for them to become officially CrossFit certified to train individuals. Moreover, some critics find the sequence of some of the exercises to be illogical, at best.

But one thing that does not seem to be up for debate is that a CrossFit workout, without question, will work your butt off. If you are serious about getting into physical shape without a lot of time to do it, this would be a highly viable option to consider. Just make sure to be educated and use your judgement. CrossFit is not something that you should do alone; you should be assisted.