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Egypt Holiday Illness – Common Egypt Holiday Illness One Must Avoid

holiday illnessEgypt is known for its tourism sectors with many visitors coming to the Sahara country for holidays. With millions of visitors each year, there is a possibility that some might be infected with illness.

The most common Egypt holiday illness is the food poisoning that occurs in various hotels and restaurants that the visitor might have booked for stay. In Egypt there are various forms of food poisoning that can be seen. Mainly it is manifested in form of cryptosporidium infections consisting of taking water and food that have been contaminated. Untreated milk can also cause this type of poisoning. If you find yourself passing loose stool, experiencing pain in the stomach, fever and vomiting, you are likely to be infected with food poisoning. To protect against this, one should observe hygiene, take properly cooked meals.

Food Poisoning

Food poisoning may also result into travel diarrhea. Its main cause is unhygienic conditions. Poorly cooked food and contaminated water is also a common cause. The best way to prevent it is practicing high standards of hygiene. In case you have it, medical treatment is the best thing.

Those who suspect that the illness may have been caused by the ignorance of hoteliers should report the matter and seek the services of solicitors so that they can start a Holiday Illness Claim and be compensated.


Apart from food poisoning another of Egypt holiday illness that one might get is Salmonella. The salmonella poison is highly contagious disease. It is mainly caused by bacterial infection. It is found in poultry and poultry products and can also be transmitted through domesticated pets.

Other causes include dirt in the kitchen and leaving food uncovered. When a holiday maker has ingested the bacteria, it causes stomach cell lining to be destroyed. Any visitor to Egypt who suffers from frequent diarrhea, continuing fever and stomach pains must make a point of visiting the hospital to be checked. Eyes may also be discolored, hence showing symptoms.

Accidents Leading to Illness

Accidents are another common cause of Egypt Holiday Illness. There are different forms of accidents that may happen while holidaying in Egypt. This may range from motor accidents on the roads, falling and tripping on hotel lounges and any other forms of accidents. There are however some cases where a third party may cause the accident due to negligence. When this has been done, then the person should take legal procedures to sue and get compensations.

Those who travel to Egypt should make sure that they buy some form of insurance policies that will enable them to be covered throughout their stay in the country. Insurance is the best over for accidents as it will cover all expenses accrued.

Final Thoughts

In general those affected should visit hospitals take medication fast to avoid complications. In hotels and restaurants cleanliness should be of the highest standards. This should be ensured by food handlers in the kitchen and other places near hotels. To those who have fallen ill while on tour of Egypt, they must get correct information about the cause of the illness. This is to make sure that in future they are able to protect themselves by employing the best method of prevention.

Resource Box: Holiday illnesses can be a result of Salmonella, Campylobacter, Cryptosporidium, Shigella, Dysentry and many other food poisoning related bugs. If you have suffered from a holiday illness, make sure you get in touch with the right people to pursue your holiday illness claim. Solicitors can provide help on a ‘No Win No Fee’ basis.

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