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Golf – A Fun Alternative To The Gym

golfA robust exercise regimen is rightly seen as the key to a healthier lifestyle, accompanied by sensible consumption of food and drink, but there are many people who are simply unable to sign up for a gym membership or even to commit to a fitness program in the same way that others do. For various reasons, they have to think a little outside of the box to ensure they can avoid the double perils of weight gain and poor circulation.

For example, if a person is recovering from an injury or perhaps an operation, he or she may not be able to take part in regular cardiovascular exercise. Similarly, someone may simply not have the time to sign up to a long-term program, due to work or family commitments. Another issue could be a lack of finances; gym membership is expensive for many people, so they have to make do with external exercise arrangements instead.

There is one activity, however, that offers a low-grade workout which will suit most people, and that’s golf. By its very nature, the sport doesn’t lend itself to a high octane lifestyle, of course, but it does provide an opportunity for anyone to enjoy some much-needed fresh air and a chance to stroll through some attractive countryside. On a sunny day, there are few finer things in life than testing your game against the course.

Leave the buggy behind

Many golfers choose to walk instead of hiring a buggy, and that in itself represents a form of commitment to getting the most from the round. The average round of golf involves a walk of between five and six miles, so even the fittest players will feel tired by the end, especially on the soles of the feet and on the backs of the calves. They may even feel a little tender around the shoulders from swinging the various clubs during play.

In the past, there was an assumption that golf was the preserve of the wealthy, and that the average Joe in the street was priced out of the chance to ever play. This hasn’t been the case for some years now, and although some clubs are still rather exclusive and therefore extremely expensive, there are plenty of municipal and public courses which offer four hours of fun and healthy enjoyment for a very affordable price.

Golf is never going to get the heart pumping in the same way as a game of squash perhaps, or a half hour of high intensity interval training workout, but it does provide a healthy experience for players of all shapes and sizes. For those people who live something of a sedentary lifestyle, it can represent the main exercise opportunity they ever get, so it has become important for many. Perhaps the beauty of the game is that it can be played by anyone, including the less healthy individuals, and indeed the more senior members of our community.

About the Author: David Rice is a UK writer and a keen advocate of the health benefits of golf. He works for a company that provides the cheapest car rental Sheffield has to offer, and when he’s not working he’s generally found on his local golf course.