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How to Avoid Overeating on a Cruise

healthy-foodSo, you’re about to go on a cruise vacation. Far away from everything that’s familiar, including the diet that you’ve been trying to stay committed to. And let’s face it: Can you really get all of the rest and relaxation that you need if you still have to worry about if you’re eating right the entire time?

Probably not.

Chin up. There is a happy medium between enjoying some of the cruise’s buffet tables and not coming back with ten pounds more than what you left with. Here are some ways how.

Consult with your travel agent or the cruise liner

When it comes to planning our trips, we tend to spend a lot of time discussing what kind of room we want, the shows that will be featured and which ports we’ll be docking on. But for some reason, when it comes to what menus are available, rarely, if ever, does that subject come up. Especially if you’re already following a certain kind of health regimen, don’t feel uncomfortable about asking what specifically is available when it comes to meals that will be served aboard the cruise ship. It’s a great way to help you plan what (and how) you will eat ahead of time.

Don’t overdo it

Cruise ship buffets are pretty much legendary because pretty much anything that you could dream of to eat is on at least one of tables in the dining area. That definitely makes temptation totally understandable. It’s a bit unrealistic (and even a tad bit unfair) to expect you to avoid them all together, but remember “all things must be done in moderation”. If you had a big buffet breakfast, then let that be it for the day. If you went with lunch, opt for a really light dinner.

Drink water and eat salad

For every buffet table, there’s usually a bar that’s not too far away. Drinking a lot of alcohol or even fruity drinks is a quick and easy way to drink up a lot of calories. If you’re going to eat a few “not on the diet” items, try to avoid compounding the issue by drinking lots of calories with them. Have some spring or seltzer water with your meals and when it comes to lunch and dinner, consider eating a salad first. It’s a healthier way to fill you up and the roughage usually proves to be a great detoxifier.

Bring your own snacks

It might sound a bit odd, but as they say, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” If you’ve found a healthy snack combination that has proved to work well for you at home, why not take it will you on vacation too? To curb your craving for salt, try a bag of almonds or pumpkin seeds. Want to stay away from that third helping of cake? A couple of Fig Newtons or ginger snaps should do the trick. And raisins? Well, they don’t call them “nature’s candy” for nothing. If you have some snacks already in tow, when you’re hungry, rather than reaching out for what’s on a table or in a vending machine, you can easily reach into your own bag, instead.


In the midst of all of your vacation planning, when it comes to putting an agenda in place when it comes to not overeating, remember that cruises do have gyms, pools and other physical activities. If exercise is something that you actually consider to be work rather than pleasure, ask the cruise liner’s customer service about some of the things that you can do that are so fun you might not even notice that you’re being physically active. And in the meantime, if you’re going on a cruise with your significant other, a midnight stroll along the deck is always a wonderful compromise.

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