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How to Become Physically Active in College

exercise in collegeGetting physically active in college can be a challenging task. All the hours of studying at the library, together with your extracurricular activities, can make you wonder if your college days contain less than 24 hours. Very soon, exercising is put on the back-burner, making way to unintentional weight gain. It is actually quite common for students to pack up a significant amount of weight through college, due to the lack of physical activity. So how can college students become more active? If you are in college, or are planning on attending one soon, here are some good tips that can definitely help:

Get moving

Make it a habit to get moving daily. If you live off campus but at a reasonable distance, you can walk to school instead of driving your car or taking the bus. So plan ahead, and leave your house much earlier than normal. This not only helps you burn calories, it also teaches you about discipline and self motivation. To help the walk be smoother, load up the iPod or phone with your favorite tunes and put on your headsets. Everything feels good with a little bit of music doesn’t it?


Every college has a gym facility; so make it a habit to exercise at your college gym four to five times a week. If you feel daunted by the idea of sharing the gym area with other more experienced students, you can use the track field for some cardiovascular exercises. You can even play tennis with friends or swim, if your college has these kinds of large amenities. Otherwise, a mere 30-45 minute jog around the campus would be just fine. Exercise will not only keep you stay fit, it will also help relieve stress and tension from the rigors of a college life. By the way, did you know that you can even get a solid workout done right in your house or your dorm room? You don’t necessarily need a large outdoor area to exercise. Below is an example of a workout, that can be applied to any small space.

Do house chores

In addition to engaging in exercises as mentioned above, try doing house chores so you can stay physically active. You can volunteer to do the laundry, clean the house, or wash your car yourself. Remember, when you are in college, your focus should be about saving money, not spending it. So whenever you can do these chores yourself, rather than hiring someone to do them for you, you are winning! What better than saving money and burning excess fat at the same time.

Play sports

Another way of keeping your body active in college is to engage in sports. And we are not talking about Sportspiele either. We mean real sports. There are various sports programs offered in school which you might be interested in. You can sign up for the swimming team, football, or badminton. Joining in such activities will also help you socialize with other people and develop sportsmanship and teamwork, skills that you will find quite useful once you leave college and get into a professional setting.

Final Thoughts

Getting more active in college will definitely be good for both your mind and body. It will keep you immune system healthy enough to fight diseases; so do make it a point to follow these tips and make them your daily habit.

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