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Effective Weight Loss Tips: How a Petite Lady Lost 10 Pounds in a Month

This is the story of Niña Angeli Pilapil

Niña Angeli Pilapil
Niña Angeli Pilapil

People are incredibly vain nowadays. Pardon my blunt remark but its true. Most of us are so concerned about our looks, and most especially our weight, that we go through unbelievable lengths just to achieve our “ideal” body weight and figure. And even if were not really that fat or big at all, we still want to follow a strict diet and exercise program that will allow us to be lighter and smaller than we already are. I know so because I have been in that situation already.

Petite girls like me can still feel the need to lose weight, no matter how small or seemingly “fit” we already look. For me, it was primarily because I had the desire to tone my body and lose those “love handles.” Although my initial objective was to improve my looks, I also discovered that I needed to get physically active too. My work as a writer for web content does not really entail much body movements on my part. I am usually just constrained to sitting in my post and being glued to the computer screen. Daily “exercise” would mean getting up from my chair and fetching something to drink, or going to the restroom to refresh myself. Not so much for an active lifestyle huh?

So one day I decided to finally get myself some exercise. I bought a pair of five-pound dumbbells which could help me start my workout. Forget about going to the gym! My plan was to buy a couple of home exercise programs and exchange them with a friend who was my workout buddy at that time. I made some changes to my diet as well. For you to get a better idea of how I was able to lose ten pounds in about a month, here are some of the highlights of my personal fitness program:

At least an hour of daily exercise

I vowed to follow the routines shown in the home exercise videos I bought and I did! It was very hard at first and I could feel all the muscles in my body complaining. But I never gave up. I took small but sure steps. Eventually, my body adapted to the home workouts and I could feel a definite improvement.

Fewer carbs and more proteins

For me, that meant eating less rice, especially in the evening. I try to find more sources of protein, and loaded up on fruits and vegetables. I also replaced my sweetened drinks with water.

Small, frequent meals

Dieting does not mean starving yourself to death. Skipping meals is definitely a no-no. I didn’t skip meals during the course of my diet program. Instead, I tried to regulate the amount of food I ate, and consumed them at specific intervals during the day. Eating a really light dinner truly helped in my regimen.

Grabbing any exercise opportunity

Since I couldn’t afford a gym membership, I grabbed all exercising opportunities I could get. I walked every chance I got. I did stretching exercises in my work station, etc.

Final Thoughts

The combination of all these efforts and techniques allowed me to lose approximately ten pounds in just a month. I felt lighter and healthier. So my advice to everyone, especially petite ladies who are conscious about their weight, is to have the proper objective and mindset about dieting. Do it so you can be healthier and feel better about yourself. If you are fitter, you will have more energy and vigor to tackle your daily activities. And if you have more energy, you get to accomplish a lot of things. If you are more productive, you can be happier and more joyful, giving you more reasons to smile. Now if you’re wearing that gorgeous smile, won’t you look prettier and better? Think about that.

About the Author: Niña Angeli Pilapil is a quality promotional items expert and writer who loves reading books and novels. She works for Promopedler.com, a promotional products company. Follow her on Twitter: @ninsbonita

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