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How to Naturally Boost Height During and After Puberty

increase-heightHeight is undeniably one of the things that most people can easily see in a person and can be one of the requirements that most human activities look for. Believe it or not, teens are not the only ones seeking help when it comes to short height, but adults alike still wish they would gain extra inches even though they are already in their late 20’s and 30’s. Not being able to qualify for a competition due to your height shortfall, can sometimes be frustrating.

Puberty is a period in a person’s life when significant growth occurs. It means that in this stage, starting during adolescence, human glands are at their peak of releasing maximized volume of hormones for fast growth. It begins as early as 12 or 13, and usually ends at a varying age of 24 to 26. So if you are planning on boosting your height potential and you are still undergoing puberty, then this is the best time to maximize your height. However, adults who are not content with their height still look for ways on how to get taller. Who doesn’t want to gain more height, right? The good news is that you can still grow a little more after puberty.

The human growth hormone is like the gasoline that helps the body to adapt to growth which focuses on the development of bones and muscles. During puberty, it is easier to stimulate the growth hormones to work at their fullest capacity. After puberty, the body secretes less growth hormone, but we can still attempt to maximize the remaining secretions.

We don’t have to buy expensive medications and suspicious tablets advertised in the media. Instead, there are natural ways to stimulate growth hormones. First, we have to eat healthy and live a fit lifestyle. If you are a smoker or heavy drinker then you must quit now. Smoking and alcohol are extremely bad for many reasons that go beyond the scope of this article. You must nourish your body with protein, fruits and vegetables, and a lot of calcium-rich foods. Aside from diet, sleep is important. This is the time when our body works to repair our system and start working to grow. Here are physical activities that will surely boost the results of your efforts to grow taller:


Swimming is one of the sports activities considered to be a full body workout. It focuses on many parts of the body such as muscles in abs, chest, back, and legs. How can I get taller by swimming? Simple. Swimming routines involve so many stretching effects in the body ultimately helping to increase your height. Swimming stretches your shoulders and back when you are trying to float and fight the water. Similarly, your posture is also improved giving you a tall frame. In addition, your body is stretched vertically when you pedal your legs and paddle with your hands at the same time. These swimming routines will surely help you become vertically stretched.


Basketball is also a great workout and can help increase your height. Playing basketball (even if you do it alone) involves running, walking, stretching, jumping, and other freestyle body maneuvers. Just like going to the gym, intense basketball sessions can cause micro-fractures, which is a process in building muscles. The stretching in a basketball game can greatly contribute to your height. So if you want to know how to grow taller having fun, play basketball.