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Tips to Reduce your Coffee Addiction

coffee-addictionCoffee is actually a very healthy drink, if you consume it with moderation. It contains a lot of antioxidants, which are good for your body.  For someone who doesn’t have any health issues like high blood pressure, one or two cups of coffee a day shouldn’t cause any problems. However, if you drink several coffee cups daily, the caffeine from that drink will gradually impair your health. The excess of caffeine makes you hyperactive and dehydrated. You’re unable to function during the day without more and more coffee, and the caffeine also affects your sleep. You’re unable to sleep properly during the night, so the next day you’ll drink even more coffee. If you reached that point, you’re addicted to coffee and you need to do something to reduce your coffee addiction.

How to Reduce Your Coffee Addiction

Water Should be Your Go-To Liquid

The first rule to reduce coffee addiction is to drink plenty of water. Drinking coffee dehydrates you, and the symptoms of dehydration are headaches, tiredness and irritability. You should start the day with one cup of coffee. A moderate amount of coffee is okay to drink. However, during the day, you shouldn’t have another one. Every time you feel like having coffee, you should switch it to water. This way, your body will hydrate and in time, you’ll get rid of many of caffeine addiction symptoms.  Even if you feel lethargic and tired, avoid the coffee. Trading coffee for energy drinks is not a solution either – you’re simply changing the subject of your addiction.

Load up on Fruits and Vegetables

Plant and dried fruits infusions are extremely efficient in helping you reduce coffee addiction. Certain combinations, like dried eglantine, apple or pineapple infusions with some green tea leaves added, are great for fighting coffee addiction. Those delicious, hot drinks are very rich in antioxidants and vitamin C, and help you keep high energy levels in a gentle, natural way, without making you hyperactive.

Don’t Skip that Healthy Breakfast

Sometimes, you lack energy and you are tired. You fight those symptoms with yet another cup of coffee. Well, that’s not the best strategy, and this will only intensify your coffee addiction. A lot of times, tiredness comes from the fact that you’re not eating enough or you’re not eating the right foods. You wake up in the morning and you drink a cup of coffee, without anything to eat. Then, you go to work and expect your body to function well. It’s only natural to have a low energy level during the entire day if you don’t eat in the morning. You should start your day with a healthy breakfast, composed of whole cereals, light proteins and vegetables. This way, your body will have enough energy until lunch time and you’ll reduce your appetite for coffee.

Watch the Sugar

Coffee addiction is often associated with addiction for sugar. This happens if you have your coffee with two or three teaspoons of sugar every time. Once the sugar and caffeine rush is over, the tiredness and lack of energy will come back even worst. So, cutting your coffee intake is not enough. If you associate coffee with lots of sugar, you also have to reduce sugar. You can replace your regular cup of extra sweet coffee with a fresh fruit, a glass of water or an unsweetened cup of green tea.

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