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Not So Sweet Easter Gift Ideas for Those Who Have Lost Patience with Chocolate

Easter-Gift-IdeasIf you’re looking for a delightful Easter present for your other half, but the thought of presenting them with a collection of cellophane-wrapped chocolate eggs is making you wince, read on. A face-full of sugary treats isn’t everyone’s idea of a great present, especially for a health conscious person. If you’re looking for inspiration, read on.

Seek the great outdoors

Clearly, this is weather permitting, so use your common sense, but if the sun’s out, prepare a picnic in a secluded spot and treat your loved one to a feast. If you’re running short on funds, we guarantee that nobody will be disappointed if you provide a bottle of wine, a baguette, some grapes and a hunk of brie.

Cook a special meal

Cook a special meal such as chicken Marbella, and present your special man/lady with a homemade chocolate hamper. This is a slightly different version of the picnic, but should be held in the evening, and include candles, champagne and some kind of French dessert that is hard to pronounce. If your other half is still looking mournfully around for an Easter egg, present them with a home-made hamper filled with varying chocolate treats. You’ll get extra points if you bake these yourself, so now is the time to look up that brownie recipe.

The sky’s the limit

If the pair of you are after adventure, look into booking a fun day that you can share. Virgin Experience Days run a range of unusual activities, ranging from skydives to chocolate workshops, pampering days to supercar driving sessions. It’s a little pricier than presenting them with an Easter egg, but we guarantee they’ll remember it forever.

Go for gold

Go for Gold…Well, Gola. Gola bags have always been hot property – they’re great for ladies and gents (no discrimination here), and they’ve got designs that appeal to a wide range of tastes, whether you’re into your simple designs or zany cartoon creations. Good for either work or the weekend, they’re a great all-rounder, plus they’ll last long after Easter has been and gone. Unlike those darned chocolate eggs.

Get the wind in your hair

Easter is the best time to discover the British coastline, as the biting cold of winter is slipping away, but it’s still cool enough to warrant a chunky jumper, a pink nose, and maximum hand-holding. Plus, you can round off your stroll with some fish and chips as you admire the crashing waves. Top seaside areas include Brighton (don’t miss out a visit to the pier), Norfolk’s Cromer and Sussex’s West Wittering, which is best known for its fabulous crabbing. Don’t laugh; once you’ve tried it, you’ll be hooked. No pun intended.

OK, Chocolate eggs

If you must stray into the arena of the commercialized chocolate egg, you can make the whole experience a touch more original by staging a good old-fashioned Easter egg hunt around the house. Your partner can’t stop until they’ve found all of them, so make sure they’re relatively easy to find. Points are deducted for eggs that are eaten as the hunt is in progress. It’s up to you whether you use a basket or not to collect the eggs, but if you’re after authenticity, we suggest that one is utilized.

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