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Battling Workout Boredom? Add Variety to Your Exercise Routines with These 5 Tips

workout boredomThe reality is that some people don’t like to work out because they don’t like to exercise. However, there is another group of people that don’t enjoy working out because they find it extremely boring after a period of time. One of the primary factors that triggers a feeling of boredom if the lack of variety in your workout routine. As human beings, we have a low tolerance for monotony. This means that doing the same thing repeatedly becomes boring at best, and frustrating at worst. The same rule applies to your workout sessions. A workout needs variety in order to keep it interesting, and exciting. Switching your workout routines periodically will help prevent boredom and ultimately work different areas of your body, giving you the results you’ve always wanted. So here are 5 quick tips that can help you prevent workout boredom.

Get on the ropes

Did you know that jumping rope and running are very similar when it comes to how it benefits your heart? As a matter of fact, between the two exercises, jumping rope has a bit of an advantage because it tends to get your heart rate up quicker and keeps it up for a longer and more consistent period of time. Just 10 minutes of jumping ropes, three times a day, can work wonders when it comes to providing your body with the cardiovascular development that it needs. .

Buy a couple of sandbags

Sandbags are used for many different kinds of exercise routines and techniques from weight lifting to Pilates. Sandbag workout is very beneficial because it helps build endurance while adding muscle tone and strengthening your bones. One way that you can use the sandbags is by lifting one at a time up to your chest, holding it for a count of ten, and setting it back down. Another is by placing it over your shoulder while doing a set of squats. You can even hold the sandbag as you go for a morning job or evening walk.

Wear some free weights

If you want to add some additional resistance as you exercise, putting some free weights on your wrists or ankles will help you to achieve this goal. For example you can strap a weight vest on to help boost your metabolism as you walk or jog. It is not recommended, however, that you use free weights on your ankles while sprinting or running on a treadmill a this will significantly increase your risk of injury. There are other uses for the ankle weight, that would certainly add variety to your exercise sessions and snap you out of your workout boredom.

Get a trainer or workout partner

Personal trainers may not have a¬†Masters degree in strategic leadership, but they do tend to have extensive knowledge on various workout routines that can prove to be beneficial to different body types. If 15 sets of thrusts and lunges are no longer holding your interest, a trainer can give you a list of different things to do either from the comfort of your own home or at a gym. If times are tight and you can’t fit one into your workout budget, find a friend to serve as your workout partner. They may have some new exercise ideas to try. At the very least, they can provide you with some stimulating conversation that will distract from noticing that you have 10 minutes left on the elliptical machine.

In and out

Sometimes just a change of scenery can help you with your workout. If you’re crunched for time, an early morning 30-minute workout in your living room might be ideal, but when it’s nice outside, go for a walk, ride your bike alongside your dog or play a quick game of kickball with your kids. Inside, there are regulated temperatures and the television to keep you preoccupied. Outside, there’s fresh air and nature to enjoy. You win either way.