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Strict Policies

Office_SpaceThanks to Darwin Barton

When I started my new job, I had no idea their policies we so strict. No one gave me an orientation or anything, and on my first day I was left to my computer to stat getting work done. I had no idea they were tracking all internet usage and have a policy against any sort of personal use. Most of the email and social networking sites are blocked, but that is pretty normal for any office. I didn’t know this when I started working here, and I got in trouble my first week on the job. I had just moved into town and hadn’t connected my internet yet. I thought it would be alright if I looked up some stuff online wile I ate lunch, so I went to to see their prices. That afternoon I was called into my boss’ office and given a lecture about personal use of company resources. I didn’t think it would be such a big deal since I was new and I was on my lunch break, but my boss explained there were no exceptions. At least I learned my lesson early on!

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