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Termite Treatment, Inspection, Detection and Prevention

termite controlBelieve it or not, there are silent destroyers out there wreaking more havoc on our homes than tornadoes, hurricanes, hail and wind storms combined. You are probably quite perplexed on what in the world we are talking about here. These silent destroyers we speak of are actually known as termites. Believe it or not these relentless little critters are causing more and more damage, requiring into significant expense outlay. It is important that we are educated in the identification, treatment and prevention of these termites.

Educating yourself on termites, is the absolute best way to adequately prepare for and fight these insects. Many people are unfortunately unaware of the dangers posed by these bugs and don’t take the time to prepare their home or even to inspect it for possible termite damage.

Be aware that you could possibly have dry wood termites or subterranean termites.  Both require different types of treatments.

Here are a few warning signs and ways to identify a termite problem:

  • Wood that sounds hollow
  • Mud tubes on exterior walls, or in crawl spaces
  • Cracked or bubbling paint
  • Temporary swarm of winged insects
  • Sawdust like waste products around the home

Now, this part gets a little tricky. Do you take the plunge and make it a do it yourself treatment or do you trust one of those expensive pest control companies to come out? In today’s economy, every little bit helps, including nabbing those termites ourselves.

A few tips on Subterranean Termite treatment:

  • Find a termiticide such as: Termidor SC or Taurus SC
  • These come in termite spray and termite foam formulas
  • Measure the perimeter of you home in feet
  • Determine how much mixed solution per feet you will need
  • Make a 6-inch deep by 6-inch wide trench around the perimeter of your home (don’t forget the areas with concrete, as to form a perfect perimeter treatment)
  • Apply solution as directed, fill trench back in and pour remaining solution on top


  • Keep firewood, lumber, debris, away from your home/crawl space
  • Place screens on outside vents
  • Check wooden fences, decks, stumps, for damage
  • Repair any leaking pipes, faucets, or sinks
  • Keep gutters clear

Ok, now, sit back and relax… your termite control work should be done. Depending on what type of product you chose, you could have full protection from those silent destroyers for up to 10 years!

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