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The Importance of a Healthy Diet – 10 Keys to a Healthy Diet

Importance of a Healthy DietHealthy diet is the one that helps us maintain a good physical health. Here, good physical health refers to a body which is free of chronic health risks. Healthy diet is the process of consuming accurate amount of nutrients, along with adequate amount of water. The main objective of following a healthy diet is to maintain the appropriate ratio of macro nutrients in the body, such as fats, proteins and carbohydrates. An increase or decrease in the amount of macro nutrients present in our body, may result in various health ailments and therefore, it is essential to include balanced nutrients in our regular diet. Healthy diet also helps people to recover from various chronic disorders,such as high cholesterol, high blood pressure or diabetes. The 10 keys to a balanced diet, which in turn assures a disease-free health are as follows:

Drink plenty of water regularly

According to doctors, one must drink 1.5 to 2 liters of water a day. Water helps in boosting the metabolic processes in our body. Apart from that, it has numerous benefits such as helping to lose weight, gives a healthy skin, cures digestive problems, provides energy and reduces the risk of cardiac problems. Make it your daily habit of drinking adequate amount of water.

Eat high-fiber food stuffs

People suffering from diabetes must take a close note of it. High-fiber foods are good quality carbohydrates, with less calories, which helps to maintain the right proportion of insulin and blood sugar level in our body. They can be derived from fruits, vegetables and grains. Some of the high-fiber sources are apple, banana, orange, soybeans, peanuts, cashews, beets, carrot, peas, cauliflower,etc. Thus give a warm welcome to fibers into your daily diet.

Include multicolored fruits and vegetables in your diet

They are rich in anti-oxidants and other nutrients which helps to reduce the risk of cancer and maintains a healthy heart. They also consists of different essential vitamins for the body such as carrots, spinach and sweet potatoes contain Vitamin A , citrus fruits contain Vitamin C, etc. Therefore, start placing chromatic dishes, consisting of fruits and vegetables, on your dining table.

Avoid the intake of fatty foods

This point would be very tough for many to follow, as we all get tempted by fatty foods, even though they causes detrimental effects on our body. These food stuffs consists of saturated fats which shoots up the cholesterol level in our body leading to various health problems. A healthy diet behooves you to say a big and determined ‘NO’ to fatty food products.

Include fish in your diet

For non-veggies, eat more fish as it gives much more than a single health benefit. Fish consists of unsaturated fats which are essential for the body. They are rich in protein and also serves an excellent source to omega 3 fatty acids, which helps the metabolic process. It helps to cure diabetes, improves vision of people with poor eye-sight, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases and if consumed during pregnancy, it reduces the risk of a premature delivery. So now its time for you to resume fishing.

Consume more calcium

Calcium is responsible for stronger bones and teeth. Stronger teeth will spare you the expenses of dental implants years down the road. Derive calcium, but make sure the source is low in fats and calories. Such sources can be double toned milk, low-fat yogurt, banana and papaya.

Say no to commercial supplements

Try and avoid the intake of supplements available in the market, instead derive vitamins and nutrients from the food you eat. Many of those supplements causes side-effects which leads to various other health issues.

Keep yourself devoid of all sorts of addictions

If it turns out to be something impossible, try and keep it under control. Smoking, drinking alcohol or intake of drugs are highly injurious to health. They should be kept out of reach as far as possible.

Put a check to the intake of sugary food stuffs

When we consume sugary food products, our body converts it into sugar and utilizes it as a source of energy. However, when we exceed the normal level of sugar in our body, it leads to diabetes. The excess sugar in our body floats around in our blood. Having too much of sugar in blood for years may lead to blindness, foot problems and kidney ailments. It’s high time we say no to sweets.

Vary your food selection

To ensure a healthy diet, don’t just limit yourself to certain foods as your vitamins and nutrients supply would be limited as a result. Instead, eat a wide variety of foods. This way you will get exposed to a large number of essential nutrients and vitamins, required for the body.

Final Thoughts

Health is the most precious wealth we possess, therefore staying healthy is something indispensable. Compromises of any sort shouldn’t be allowed when health is concerned, otherwise we may have to pay a heavy price in the long run. Let us all vow to have a healthy diet from today onward and look forward to a disease-free life ahead.

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