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Why You Should Create a Plan to Get in Shape for Your Wedding

wedding workoutYour man has proposed to you and you’re walking on cloud nine. Well, you would be if it wasn’t for all of the bride-to-be books, wedding magazines and organizational folders that are scattered all around your feet! The great news is that the vision of how you want your wedding day to be is coming together. The not-so-good news is that while you have the perfect wedding dress in mind, a plan for how you want your body to look in it is not so clear.

When it comes to a bride on her wedding day, it continues to be true that most of the focus is on her. That’s not to make you buckle down under the pressure, but it should inspire you to get prepared; not just when it comes to you what you put on your body, what how you will take care of it leading up to the big day as well.

Are you looking for a few good reasons why you should create a plan to get in shape for your wedding? You’ve come to the right place.

You can look your absolute best in your dress

There are a lot of soon-to-be brides that will consider getting on a certain health and diet regimen in order to lose some weight, but another benefit to getting healthier is that it increases your body tone. A strapless wedding gown without any excess fat draping over the back is good, but to see a bride with no fat and toned arms is even better! Plus, the sooner you start working out, the sooner you can get to your goal weight and the less time you’ll have to spend at your seamstress making constant alterations to your dress.

You’ll be picture perfect

Creating a health plan doesn’t just help your body, but it’s good for your hair, skin and nails as well. By reducing your sugar, caffeine and alcohol intake and replacing them with more water, you give your body the extra moisture that it needs for a natural healthy glow. Replacing fast foods combos with salmon, dark green vegetables, beans, eggs and nuts are all great for shiny hair and beautiful skin. Herbal teas including chamomile, peppermint, ginger and dandelion, along with homemade smoothies made with bananas and fresh strawberries are wonderful ways to detoxify the body (make sure to do that at least six weeks out; sometimes detoxing will lead to break outs while it’s getting the toxins out of your system!). And, a multi-vitamin can give you strong enough nails that you can grow your own tips rather than buying some acrylic ones.

It keeps stress levels down

Some Bridezillas wouldn’t be that way if they spent a little time running some of that stress off. Although your wedding day is one of the happiest in your life, it can also have moments where it’s quite stressful too. Exercise is proven to relax muscles, reduce stress hormones, increase endorphins (so that we feel happier) and maintain a level of peace and calm. If you’re in the habit of meditating, stretching and exercising months into your wedding, if you wake up on your wedding day feeling a bit tense, you’ll already know that a 10-minute jog or rope jump may be just the thing that you need to feel at ease.

Remember that after the day, then comes the night

Did you actually know that there have been studies conducted surrounding how many couples actually “celebrate” their wedding night? The findings have been that as much as forty percent of them do not engage in sexual activity, not due to a lack of love, but a lack of energy! One day that will have you standing a lot, walking around a lot, moving through crowds and dealing with all kinds of personalities and surprises is your wedding day. If nothing else inspires you to work out leading up to it, let your impending wedding night inspire you to build up a bit of stamina.

A trainer can give you just what you need

You may have spent a lot of time wishing that you could have a florist in London to handle your flowers, but unfortunately, you may not be able to make that dream a reality. When it comes to customizing your day, what you can do is hire a trainer to get your body into “amazing bride” shape. The great thing about a trainer is that they will give you an exercise plan that isn’t just suitable to your body type, but they will also incorporate a diet (and healthy way of eating) that you can use well after the wedding day is done. And isn’t that awesome? Ironically, while you thought you were getting ready for a day, by planning out 3-6 months in advance to get into shape, what you may discover is that you’re preparing for an entire new way of life…and living!

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