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10 Minute Trainer Review – 3 Reasons to Start this New Fitness Routine

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10 minute trainerFalling off the fitness wagon can happen to anyone at anytime. When this happens, and days turn to weeks and weeks to months of no exercise, it can be extremely difficult to not just start up again but then maintain a routine. For this reason a simple, easy to use, non time consuming in home fitness program was introduced called the 10 Minute Trainer.

Anyone who’s watched a little late night television recently has probably been subjected to an infomercial advertising this program. However, when you look past the cheesy testimonials and background music that sounds like it was taken right out of a low cost department store playlist, real people seem to make real progress using just 10 minutes of their day and this workout routine. There are in fact three reasons why this 10 Minute Trainer program is not just fluff but actually one that can help anyone who’s been slack about exercising to not just get back on the wagon but stay on it.

Reason #1: Tony Horton Developed 10 Minute Trainer

The core of any fitness program is the person or persons who put the routine together, and then show you how to do it. They must be motivating, experienced, and empathetic to the needs of their audience knowing full well that the majority of people following along will not be able to do what they can. All of these character traits are found in Tony Horton, the man behind 10 minute trainer. Tony has the unique ability to explain well what he’s teaching and keep you motivated. He does this not by shaming you, but in an encouraging way that makes you feel good about what you can do. He also has an empathetic side that comes through in this program.  He makes you feel that he’s walked in your shoes before which also encourages you rather than discourages.

Tony Horton also has an exceptional track record when it comes to producing top rated and best selling home workouts. He is probably better known for Power 90, P90X and now P90X2. All of Tony Horton’s previous programs have been well reviewed and are always ranked in the top category of all programs. This is not because they are just advertised well; this is because they often deliver results to whatever demographic they are intended for. 10 Minute Trainer is no different and resonates well with people of all ages, from the beginner to intermediate exerciser looking to start up a routine.

Reason # 2: Time is on your Side with 10 Minute Trainer

Yes, 10 Minute Trainer is all about time management. It’s an ideal workout program for busy people that need to squeeze all they can out of every second. The busy travelers, the stay at home moms constantly running around to keep their house in order, to adolescents in school juggling homework, extracurricular activities, and sports.

The special technique used in 10 Minute Trainer is called super stacking. It’s a term that’s talked about frequently in the program and utilizes “stacking” blocks of 10 minute workouts on top of each other. When you first begin with the program you are encouraged only to start with one 10 minute DVD. As you progress through all five DVDs multiple times over the first two to three weeks you are then encouraged to increase the intensity level by “stacking” on a second 10 minute DVD each day bringing your total exercise time to 20 minutes per day.  The idea is that after a couple of months of time passes and your strength and endurance increase you’re able to be at a full 50 minute (all five DVDs) workout per day. Where did it all begin? It all began with just 10 minutes per day.

Reason #3: 10 Minute Trainer Built From P90X

If you’ve been living under a rock and have never heard of P90X, it’s a full 90 day in home program that’s sold over 4 million copies and counting. It’s an intense and extreme workout program that uses the principal of muscle confusion. The tagline of “Bring It” is central to the P90X mantra of Getting You Ripped In 90 Days. For the average person though, who doesn’t want to get ripped or who doesn’t have 6 days in each week to devote an hour a day to the program, the alternative is 10 Minute Trainer.

Because Tony Horton developed 10 minute trainer after P90X, he uses a lot of the same exercises from P90X in the program. The exercises he uses are the ones that are intense and efficient. You could say he boiled down P90X to its raw form and used what was left over as the back drop to 10 minute trainer. Therefore there’s little room for fluff in 10 minute trainer. Virtually no warm up or cool down and very little time to pause and relax between exercises. When you put the DVD in and hit play, it’s a nonstop ride of Tony’s most intense exercise moves. Although the exercises are from P90X and are intense on their own, they’re done in 30 second bursts. Because the exercises are very short, all of them are able to be done and mastered by just about anyone.

Is 10 Minute Trainer Right For You?

10 Minute Trainer may or may not be right for you. If you’re after an intense fitness program that’s designed to get you in peak physical condition from head to toe with no regard to how much time you need, this may not be the right one for you.  On the other hand if you’re a beginner, or someone who is used to exercising but for whatever reason has not been able to for a while, 10 Minute Trainer may be your ticket. If you find that for the time being you only have 10 to 20 minutes per day to devote to exercise, then this program might be right for you. Or perhaps you’re a little older or weaker than you used to be, and feel an intense workout might not be right for you at the moment, 10 minute trainer might be ideal you.  In the end whatever your situation is or intentions are Tony Horton delivers as a world class instructor and 10 minute trainer is no exception.

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