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Getting Tapped Out – What Your Girl Wants You To Know

This is a blog post by one of the folks at, shedding some light into the dark world of female pleasures! See the Author Bio section for more detail. Enjoy!


getting tapped outSo, my boyfriend is hooked on Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), which is fine by me.  Watching hot, sweaty guys fight is actually a bit of a turn on. If you aren’t a fan of MMA, you may not be familiar with the term “tap out” which happens when one of the fighters submits and wants out.

It made me think that we women have our own tap out, that signals when you boys are done in bed.  Come on, you have experienced it, that little tap on the shoulder and the words, “Ummm . . . .”

Reason for a tap out

So what causes a tap out and how do you avoid it? The first thing to remember is that if what you are doing something to us that doesn’t appear to look comfortable, most likely it is not feeling good to us either.  So, while your favorite porn movie may have the girl in some funky position with her feet behind her head, trying to conform your girl into such a configuration will most likely result in a tap out.  We girls like to keep it simple, and we really don’t want a monkey that swings from the chandelier.

Are you a biter?

Teeth are a perfect example of a potential tap out.  Unless your girl specifies she is into biting, teeth are not going to feel good. Get your girl in a better position if you need to, with a product like the Love Bumper to help.

When do we wrap it up?

Going on and on and on after we are done also doesn’t work with us. Look, there are just times you are not going to finish. Once we had our orgasm and you keep grinding on and on and on . . . well, you are going to get a tap out.  And, yes, we know we are a fickle lot—we don’t want a minute man, but that four-hour erection warning on that prescription scares us even more!

So that’s it boys for my advice! If you want to stay in the ring and get invited back for more bouts, you can be a champion by avoiding the tap out.

About the author: iOpia is a group of friends who have come together to talk about our favorite subject – sex! We also sell high-end sex toy products that you can buy and use in the privacy of your home.

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