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5 Reasons you Should Protect your Skin in the Sun

sunscreen protectionIt’s not always about beauty! To protect your skin in the sun is not only important for women, it is equally as important for men. Of course, older people have always said that our skin needs sunlight; and there is wisdom there. But you cannot forget that, that was probably true more than a century ago. With global warming taking a toll on life on earth, most of the sun’s rays getting to earth contain harmful UV-rays. There are five reasons why you should protect your skin in the sun:

UV rays cause cancer

Over the past three decades, the number of incidences with skin cancer have grown to alarming numbers. We cannot avoid being out in the sun, it’s practically impossible. That’s why everyone should protect his or her skin from the sun. It has become an important ritual in the lives of most people, to protect their skin with Sun Protection Factors (SPF). UV rays are not around only in the summer season. Regardless of what time of the year it is, sun rays burn the skin in every temperature. Whenever you go out, wear a long-sleeve t-shirt or put on some healthy and natural sunscreen to protect yourself from sun burn.

Sun rays are stronger in winter

According to recent research, scientists have come to the conclusion that when it snows, sun rays get stronger. That probably has something to do with the moisture level in the atmosphere during winter. Therefore, when you and your family go snowboarding or ice skating, take precautionary measures. Wear healthy natural sunscreen with SPF!

Use protective foundation (for women)

There are new makeup products available in the market now. They have SPF in them, and most beauticians recommend them. However, the truth is that this is not enough. Without SPF foundation, the makeup is not helping you much. Sunburns are one of the contributing factors for the signs of aging. Apply sunscreen lotion for broad spectrum protection from sun rays before applying makeup. Make sure you wait for five minutes till the cream has been absorbed into your skin.

Windburn and sunburn are confusing

It is almost impossible to differentiate between windburn and sunburn. They have the same symptoms, and cause reddening of the skin. They both affect the forehead, cheeks and nose. However, by applying protection against sunburn, you can protect yourself from windburn to a certain extent.

Sun gets hotter at higher altitude

The intensity of UV radiation increases with elevation (10% per 1,000 feet upwards). This means that people living on higher grounds are at greater risk of getting sunburn. Before your skin starts to look discolored, unhealthy and exhibiting signs of aging, protect your skin in the sun. It’s for your own good.

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