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Gout Disease: Are You Giving Yourself Gout?

gout treatmentMore often than not, when the vicious pain of gout descends upon the unsuspecting bystander for the first time, the bewildered victim is left wondering, “why is this happening to me?” Then they start down the list of all the possibilities. Quickly they arrive at the idea that it must have been something they ate. However, gout is not a food allergy.

Then the normal course of action is one of two avenues

  1. Head for the doctor’s office, or
  2. Crack open the internet and start searching

Number One will soon find the new gout club inductee happily popping pills and continuing on with the misguided lifestyle that awarded him (or her) with the coveted title of “Your Gout Highness” as now the Disease of Kings has been bestowed upon them. With a few cursory additions like, “eat right and exercise” thrown in by the an MD that was required to know nothing about diet and nutrition, it’s out the door and living a life of “In Big Pharma We Trust” and hope for the best.

Number Two can bring a mixed bag of both wisdom and confusion. While there is certainly relevant information about what causes gout, what gout looks like, and what to do about gout on the Whole Wide World – it’s all subject to that quirk of human nature that comes down to, “what is the ONE thing?” And when it comes right down to it, just like optimizing health in general, there is NO one thing when it comes to establishing dominance over the condition of gout.

So before a frustrated and despondent gout sufferer asks, “what should I do?”, the first question really should be “what am I doing?” that has brought this condition on.

That brings us to the beginning: “What is gout?”

To the-man-on-the-street, gout is an over-acidic condition that causes red, swollen, hot, painful joints . . . and temporary insanity. Uric acid – a natural and normal byproduct that is part of the metabolic process – has now become over-abundant because it has not been sufficiently eliminated.

Typically, due to the very clever programming and conditioning of the powers that be ($$$), nearly every population around the world believes that the only solution is . . . drugs – gout drugs. Along with avoiding purine rich foods, this about all that can be done . . . or so they say. However, the oldest gout remedy trick in the book is simply to alkalize.

But how do you alkalize?

A fair question, but once again, is that really the first question that should be asked? Or is, “how did you become acidic?” the starting point?

To make this really easy – human beings become acidic (and create the perfect petree dish for gout) by:

  • What goes in their mouth
  • What goes up their nose
  • What comes in contact with their skin (and soaks through into the blood!)
  • And, by the chemicals that are produced by human metabolism

The interesting part is this: the choices and decisions that each and every human being on the planet makes, determines overwhelming results – good and bad. What goes in their mouths, up their noses, comes in contact with their skin, and to a large degree, the chemicals their bodies make or don’t make, they have complete control over.

  • The quality and types of food and drinks one decides to consume produces different outcomes: fresh fruits and vegetables are much more alkalizing than processed or fast foods.
  • Learning to breathe fully and completely, as well as selecting a place or circumstance to breathe good, clean rich air is a huge factor. Breathing well produces oxygen rich blood that is free from corrosive, acidic content.
  • The slow insidious accumulation of toxic substances that result in acidic poisoning of the blood stream by contact with the skin is easily monitored. Cheap household soaps and detergents, along with untested cosmetics are borderline criminal.
  • The effects of Cortisol, Adrenaline, and Epinephrine are the chemistry products of thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Sometimes these are good, sometimes these are bad . . . when they’re bad, the term for it is Stress. Depending on the decisions of whether to exercise control over these thoughts, feeling, and emotions, determines whether these strong acidic hormone substances can be avoided . . . or not.

Natural Gout Treatment

There are certainly ways to correct and reestablish alkalinity once it has been lost, but the easier method to control and manage gout is to prevent it in the first place. The one organ that regulates the pH of the body chemistry is the Kidneys. The kidneys have many different acidic substances to process. In the modern world, different choices can and need to be made to help eliminate and reduce the workload that kidneys are challenged with. Learning to lessen the addition of acidic substances, as well as helpful measures to remove acidic accumulation, helps the kidneys to better manage uric acid and the associated gout-causing effects.

About the Author: After living through the pain of hundreds of gout attacks in nearly every joint in his body, three surgeries for Tophi on his hands and feet, and after conducting thousands of hours of study and research about the devilish and elusive manifestation of gout, Bert Middleton has come to understand gout treatment from a unique, no-nonsense, and effective point of view. Bert is the author of the Kill Your Gout NOW! Handbook – The Ultimate Handbook for How To TERMINATE GOUT PAIN in 2 – 4 Hours. www.TheGoutKiller.com

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