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Dealing with Stress – 15 Common Myths about Stress

dealing-with-stressDealing with stress is a common problem that people have. In fact, being stressed out is often considered the norm for those who live a fast paced life. What does being stressed out really mean? Listed below are 15 common myths about stress.  Will you be surprised by what you read?

1 – Little can be done to prevent stress: This statement is completely untrue. There are many things that you can do to help prevent stress from building up in your life. It begins with not overwhelming yourself or filling up your agenda with more than you can handle.

2 – A little stress is good for everyone: Stress negatively affects health. While it may be impossible to live a stress free life, the less stress you have, the better off you will be.

3 – Everyone deals with stress in the same way: This is one of those myths about stress that couldn’t be further from the truth. Stress affects different people in different ways. Levels of toleration for stress also differ. So, dealing with stress varies by individual

4 – People who get stressed out are weaker: Just because someone gets stressed out easily doesn’t mean that they are weaker. It just means that their toleration for change or how they deal with potential problems is different than yours.

5 – Exercise in no way helps stress: Wrong! The more you exercise, the more capable you will be of dealing with stress. Begin a daily exercise regime or follow a good home workout program, to help reduce the effects of stress on your life.

6 – Knowledge about how to deal with stress isn’t important: If you are stressed out, you want to learn as much as possible about how to overcome your problem. Being informed on ways of dealing with stress will help you better tackle your shortcomings.

7 – You only need attention for stress if it gets really bad: Any level of stress shouldn’t be taken lightly. Taking care of the problem in the beginning stages will help you avoid the devastating effects of extreme stress.

8 – What works for one person in eliminating stress will work for another: Just as people experience different levels of stress, the ways through which they eliminate stress are also different.

9 – You must exhibit classic signs of stress to be classified as stressed: As previously mentioned, stress affects different people in different ways. Your signs of stress may be different from your friend’s. Talk to your doctor about stress instead of trying to diagnose yourself.

10 – Your doctors can always diagnose it: It is true that some doctors have missed the diagnosis about stress. Get a second opinion if you feel that you are stressed and your doctor disagrees.

11 – Self help books are not as good in helping you deal with stress as talking to a counselor: Self help books can be very beneficial in helping you to overcome the effects of stress. Some books provide methods that have been beneficial for those who have endured stress.

12 – All stress is bad: Some stress can be normal.  As long as your body isn’t under constant stress, it may not be anything to worry about.  Stress from starting a new job or school is completely normal.

13 – Stress affects everyone the same: As stated above, stress affects everyone differently. What stresses one person out may not stress another person out.  Tolerance for stress differs among people.

14 – Stress does not physically affect the mind or body: This is also untrue. Stress can cause the mind and the body to do strange things. When you are dealing with stress over an extended period of time, it isn’t uncommon to lose hair, have excessive skin break outs, or gain weight.

15 – Minor symptoms of stress should be ignored: Once stress is diagnosed, it should be treated effectively. This doesn’t necessarily mean that you need medication. It simply means that steps should be taken to help eliminate stress. Most treatments begin with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and an effort to get rid of stressors. Minor symptoms of stress should be treated so that the stress doesn’t turn into an even bigger problem.

Have you fallen victim to any of the myths about stress listed? Let the information above help change the way that you think and feel about stress

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