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Exercise After Plastic Surgery

When planning for plastic surgery, sometimes people forget that it’s not a magic wand. Meaning, even if you are undergoing a procedure to change something about how you look on the outside, your internal health is still a priority. Therefore, it’s a good idea to incorporate exercise into your daily routine starting at about two weeks following (most) plastic surgeries.

Of course, you may not know what kind of exercises are appropriate. That’s understandable because, to a certain degree, different recommendations are made based on the kind of surgery that you had. While you should definitely check with your doctor before partaking in any kind of deliberate physical activity following any kind of surgical procedure, once he/she gives you the green light, here are some exercise tips that specifically focus on certain areas where plastic surgery may have taken place.

Eye surgery

One procedure that is pretty popular is laser eye surgery. Normally following this outpatient surgery, it is recommended that you take it easy for a couple of days. However, around day three, that’s the time when you can start working back into your normal exercise routine in shorter intervals. One of the benefits in exercising as soon as possible is that it will help your eyes to adjust back to its normal way of functioning by getting used to bodily movements; for instance, stretching and jumping jacks are two kinds that get the eyes back acclimated to hand-eye coordination. I actually had a Photo-Refractive Kerakectomy surgery done on my eyes in May 2010. Here’s the first workout video I recorded 4 days after the surgery:

Breast augmentation

When it comes to recovery time, this is a far more serious surgery than a lot of people may think. As a matter of fact, following this procedure, it’s recommended that women wait at least six weeks before lifting anything that is heavy. However, once they are feeling up to it, they can do morning and evening walks, and any kind of exercising that involves movement from the waist down. It is advised to wait about 3-4 weeks before doing aerobics, though, and so if you’re a Zumba fan, that’s going to have to wait about a month.


This is another surgery that will require you resting and reclining for about a week. Following that time, most physicians strongly recommend taking walks in short intervals because remaining in bed for long periods of time following the surgery can lead to the risk of accumulating blood clots in the heart and lungs. As you find yourself feeling less exasperated, you’ll be able to incorporate other exercises into your daily routine, but for the first month or so, do about twenty-five percent of what you did before surgery.


A lot of people may not even think about what kind of exercises are or aren’t appropriate following a cosmetic nose procedure, but there are a few things to keep in mind. While you should be able to go walking a day after surgery, running and jogging is usually prohibited for about the first seven days. Another thing that is ill-advised for the first week is doing anything that would require bending over. Also, because it takes about six weeks for your nasal bones to heal, be gentle with yourself when it comes to engaging in sports. Whatever it is you do (including when it comes to sexual activity), basically treat yourself like someone with an extremely fragile nose…because you are.

Buttock lift

Plastic surgery prices can be way up there, and they are usually not covered by insurance. Since it is not cheap procedure, you have to be ever so careful not to undo any of the work that has been done. This is especially the case, in a lot of ways, when it comes to having a buttock lift. Because it takes about six weeks for the body to recover from this procedure, while you can do mild exercises for the upper body after four weeks, you shouldn’t get involved in any vigorous exercise during that time. After six weeks, ease into a regimen that focuses on getting the buttock muscles toned. Remember how in the movie, Something’s Gotta Give, Jack Nicholson’s character could have sex after climbing a flight of stairs? Well, in a similar way, you’ll know you’re in tip-top condition, ready to sprint up and down your block, once you’re ready to do the same.

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