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Health Benefits of Circuit Training

circuit trainingAre you taking diet pills to help you lose weight? Not seeing the results you hoped for? It may be hard for you to hear, but even when you take diet pills that work, you still need to exercise and eat healthy to see the best results. Now that you exercise are you tired of doing the same routine each time you go to work out? Think you might scream if you have to see that treadmill one more time? Maybe it’s time to add in some circuit training to your exercise routine.

What is Circuit Training?

Circuit training is a series of exercises done back to back with a set amount of rest in between. Each completion of the routine is one circuit. Depending on time and the number of exercises, you repeat the circuit until you’ve completed the desired number of circuits or until your time is up.

Example of a Circuit Training Routine:

Why do you Need to Circuit Train?

Circuit training may be the breath of fresh air you need in your workout. Circuit training adds variety to your routine and can prevent boredom. Even perform the same set of exercises daily, simply switching the order in which you do them, can make if feel like a brand new workout.

By changing up your routines, you lower the risk of overuse injuries. Because you aren’t performing the same motion day after day, month after month, your muscles won’t get worn out as easily. You will also see greater results from your workout because your muscles will have to adjust and readjust to your new workout.

Most people also push themselves harder during a circuit training workout than they normally would during a low intensity aerobic routine. With each exercise, there is an end in sight. You can push yourself harder for those lase 30 seconds because you know that there is a rest period coming. When you go for a 30 minute run, that rest period is a lot further away so you will pace yourself by not working as hard. You might even see better results if you have been taking diet pills that work.

Circuit training is also a great way to get a full body workout. If you create the workout correctly, you can work all of the major muscles in your body in the same amount of time you would normally spend exercising. These workouts are not made to take longer than other workouts. They can actually, and often do, take less time because you are working harder and therefore don’t need to exercise as long.

Circuit Training – Final Thoughts

Circuit training is a great way to build muscle and fire up your metabolism. You don’t need a bunch of big machines to create an effective workout. It is a fun way to add some variety into your workout routine. Circuit training may be the boost you need to get over the weight loss plateau that other methods couldn’t get you through.

Now that you are eating right and exercising right along with taking those diet pills that work, you will hopefully see the results you want.

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