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Finding Time to Exercise as a New Mom

new momIf you’ve seen the latest Jenny Craig commercial featuring Mariah Carey and some relatively new moms, perhaps you can relate to some of what they were saying. Indeed, no one can really prepare you for what it’s like to have your body in one state, to growing an entire person within it, and then trying to resemble the woman you once were physically; it’s a challenge to say the least.

Then if you add to all of that, a new sleep schedule and the baby’s constant needs and demands, it’s understandable why you might have moments when you catch yourself wondering if you’ll ever be able to bring your sexy back while adjusting to your “new normal”.

If you are that new mom struggling to find answers to these questions, there are tips that can help you to create time to exercise even as a new mom. Here are a few of them:

Exercise while the baby is sleeping

For the first several weeks as a new mom, you are still getting adjusted. Take that time to try and let yourself off the hook when it comes to exercising. What you need, more than anything, is rest and so while the baby is sleeping, also get some well-deserved rest as well. But after about six weeks post delivery, when the baby starts sleeping on a bit more of a schedule, use your baby’s nap time as an opportunity to do some yoga or low-impact aerobics.

Exercise while the baby is in the swing or Pack ‘N Play

Once your baby starts getting a little older, it will begin learning how to self-entertain. While your baby is in its swing or hanging out in its Pack ‘N Play, this is also an excellent time for you to pop in a Zumba DVD and get your Zumba session on. If you have a treadmill at home, walk about 20 minutes on your it, with the incline set on max, and the speed set at 3 miles per hour. To make it even more challenging (which will make you shed the baby fat much faster), carry a pair of low-weight dumbbells while you do this routine for 20 minutes non-stop.

Exercise when your hubby gets home or company comes

If you are a stay-at-home mom, then a good husband will be sensitive to the fact that you need a little bit of time for yourself. After dinner and while the baby is either having its dinnertime bottle or taking a nap, use that as an opportunity to take a walk through the neighborhood. If you’re a single mom, for about the first six months to a year post delivery, your friends pretty much know that they may need to provide a bit of assistance while they’re visiting. After all, since they are coming to see the baby, ask them if they would mind holding your baby for about 15 minutes or so, while you do a bit of Pilates.

Have more sex with your hubby

As a new mom, it can take a moment to get back into the swing of things in the bedroom, but once you clear that phase, one of the absolute best and most enjoyable exercises that you can do, is having more sex with your partner. Traditionally, doctors give the green light around six weeks after a child’s birth (a bit longer for cesareans). A piece of advice: don’t focus a lot on your body image. You’d be amazed how many men find it extremely attractive that the one that they’re in love with could carry and deliver the newest love of their life. Be confident, and remember to still wear your sexiest lingerie!

Exercise whenever you can fit it in

Some great time management quotes include, “Time is what we want most, but use worst” (William Penn); “The key is not in spending time, but in investing it” (Stephen R. Covey) and “Make use of time, let not advantage slip” (William Shakespeare). One of the biggest adjustments that a new mom has to make, is accepting the fact that in every single area of her life, time management will become critical. For instance, before the baby was born, you may have been able to exercise 6 days a week at 6am. For a while post-delivery, you will have to make some concessions. Your schedule will vary; just roll with the punches and create new schedules that still allow you a minimum amount of time to exercise.

As a final thought, let’s just put everything into perspective for a second with this basic example. Imagine you suffered a pelvic organ prolapse, which was mistreated by your doctor, ultimately leading you to file a Travsvaginal Mesh lawsuit. Would you find the time to follow through with this lawsuit, or would you just say: “Oh you know, I have a new born to take care of, so I don’t have the time to go back and forth to a legal counsel?” The point is, it is way too easy to throw the towel and say: “I can’t exercise because I have a new born to watch”. You should absolutely take care of your body, especially after delivery.

Good Luck!

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