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How You Can Incorporate Exercise Into Your Work Routine

exercise at the officeIt is very true that most of your office days are spent sitting at a desk. However, you should know that you do not necessarily have to spend all of your work days seated down. The more you sit, the more you gain weight, especially if you snack frequently. I am not saying that gaining weight is bad. What I mean is that gaining excess weight that you do not need, is neither desirable nor healthy. This is where office fitness comes in. There are plenty of ways to remain fit even if you spend the whole day seated.

I understand that sometimes it may be hard to find time to exercise. This is especially true if you have a busy schedule at work. Have you ever considered finding time to exercise while also working? Let’s look at how you can incorporate exercise into your work routine.

Use your commuting time to the fullest

You do not have to take a cab or a bus to work. You can actually walk or even take a bike to work. I know that sometimes you may be late for work and if this is the case, you sure do want to take public transportation or drive, in order to get there on time. However, for all other normal days, give yourself a head start and walk to work. Once you get to your building, instead of taking the elevator, take the stairs depending on which floor your office is located on. For example, if your office is on the 50th Floor, it would be quite silly to attempt to walk all 50 flights of stairs. Instead, take the elevator to the 40th floor for instance, and walk the remaining 10 flights of stairs. Then progressively, you may get off on the 39th floor, then the 38th, etc.

Standing goes a long way

It is a fact that you will burn more calories when you are standing than when you are sitting. If your job involves staying on the phone for extended periods of time, make the most of it by standing while taking your calls. When you are doing a presentation, get up and do it while standing, walk around a bit even; it adds dynamism to the delivery and breaks the monotony.

Fitness breaks

Most offices usually have breaks. Most people make the most of these breaks by hanging out in the lounge and snacking. Do not be one of these people. Rather than being conventional you can decide to take a short walk or even do some gentle stretching.

Be radical

You can get radical and decide to use a Swiss ball in addition to your standard office chair. Sitting on the Swiss ball (with no core support) helps activate trunk musculature, and therefore aids in maintaining muscle tone. However, you shouldn’t use it all day. Alternate between the Swiss ball and your regular chair to give your spine some well-deserved break.

Have fitness equipment in your office

I do not mean that you should have 45lbs weight plates hanging around your office. There are certain light-weight workout equipment like a resistance band, which when pulled, offer weight-like resistance. These are the equipments that you should have around your office.

With good implementation of these office fitness tips, you will be on your way to achieving fitness while working.

About The Author: Victor has a passion for health an fitness. He started exercising and living healthy few years ago, which changed his life for the better. He has since written numerous articles with topics ranging from healthy eating, to the importance of respecting team colors and jerseys.


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