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Mix It Up With Yoga Training Workouts

yoga-trainingMost people who workout have either seen yoga classes or tested them out with very little taken from it. Many people who focus on weight training do not fully understand how powerful yoga can be. When I took my first class I did not think much about it. I went in thinking that I would get a nice stretch and maybe learn some cool core exercises. But when done correctly, yoga training can completely take your workout regimen to another level.

Watered Down Yoga Classes

When people think of yoga, they generally tend to think of the soft Asana practice where the teacher coddles students because they are focused on making their money. The truth is that unfortunately these teachers have a business to run so they can never delve deep into what yoga is truly all about. In India where it originated, the classes are so rigorous that it would put most weight training courses to shame.

The True Power Of Yoga

While hippies, soccer moms, and young college girls generally practice yoga, you rarely see anyone in the “fitness” realm in a class because they don’t understand how you can use it to your advantage. The true benefit of yoga is that it can teach your body how to properly align itself so that as you do your workouts, you do them more correctly. As anyone who understands weight lifting, the biggest concern is encountering workout injuries. But once you truly immerse yourself into yoga and understand how to move in it, this will transfer over to your training and it will improve how you move and lift weight.

Yoga Slows You Down

If you have been weight training for some time, then you know there are great benefits in lifting weights slowly. When you practice yoga effectively, the main focus is aligning your breath with each movement. This teaches you to move much more consciously and a lot slower. In an Ashtanga yoga class, the teacher stays with each student ensuring that the student is properly aligned down to the minute detail. They literally adjust each pose ensuring that every inch of your body is aligned and moving correctly. By slowing your movements down and becoming aware of how each ligament aligns correctly, this will bring a whole new perspective to your weight lifting.

Yoga Immersion Training

If you have the time (and money) and truly want to take your fitness regimen to the next level, find a yoga teacher training program that is generally about 100 hours and takes place over the course of two weeks. In this course you are taught as if you are becoming a yoga teacher; that means they approach the classes from a much different perspective then a regular yoga class. Similar to going through the process of a personal trainer certification, the material goes much deeper into how your body actually works and the proper way of moving.

So if you are seriously interested in taking your workouts to the next level, try and find a real yoga teacher who can truly show you how powerful yoga really is. It will not only improve your training, but also keep you from being injured.

Author Bio: As the editor of Yoga Training Guide, Lisa Jackson is responsible for supporting aspiring teachers. She has been practicing yoga for over ten years when she first discovered it after an injury where she thought she would never be able to run or lift weight again. Since beginning her practice, not only does she run and lift weight, she is in the best shape of her life.


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