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Motivation for Exercise: Top 5 Motivational Tricks to Avoid Skipping the Gym

motivation to exerciseWith so many things occupying our mind from work issues to spending time with family and friends, it seems very tempting to lose motivation for exercise and instead, laze around or make excuses to avoid going to the gym. Taking HGH pills is of no use if you lack the motivation for exercise. If you have also become a couch potato lately, below are a few motivation strategies that you can follow to make sure you hit the gym every day:  

Get some company

Tried and tested, yes. Having an accountability workout partner sure make fitness routines more fun and helps rev up your motivation for exercise. They drag you to the gym when you are less motivated, just as you do to them sometimes. Base the selection of your workout partner on what each of you two will gain from working out together. Certain mergers are value destructive while others are value enhancing. Make sure to choose wisely.

Have a killer playlist at hand

Get your movements rolling to the beats of your favorite music. Music and exercise have a lot in common. Pairing music to your exercise routine will help revitalize you mentally, pump up your movements physically and help you regain your motivation for exercise. So get your favorite playlist ready for some intense workouts!

Decide your end goal

Be it fitting into your favorite jeans that you bought three years back, or increasing your race time, be sure to have a realistic end goal in mind before you start working out. Monitor your progress and keep going until you achieve it. Then have another goal in mind and work on that. Make sure that your goals are realistic and achievable within the timeline you set. Setting realistic goals will encourage you to actually accomplish them.

Hire a personal trainer

If you can’t work out alone, and you can’t find that workout partner either, then hiring a professional fitness trainer is a great way to get into the rhythm before they are really ready to get started on their own. Unless you’ve known your trainer on a personal level, it is important that you confirm your fitness trainer’s qualifications though. A professional with a degree in Applied Physiology, Exercise Science, Personal Training, or Motor Learning, along with a national certification from either ACSM or NSCA is highly recommended. The trainer hired by you must give you a written exercise program as well as a thorough assessment.

Be a little competitive

Motivation for exercise comes in different shapes and forms. Music and goal setting do it for some, and for other, it’s all about competition. So if you are that person, even if it is for your own ego boost, the satisfaction derived from kicking someone’s butt when others are busy procrastinating will give you an amazing motivation to keep going without fail. 


About the Author: Nicole C. Harris is a personal fitness trainer and a freelance writer. She has completed her AA degree is exercise science five years back and has been helping people stay fit ever since. In her free time, Harris loves exploring fashionable outfits. Recently, she came up with her own range of couples halloween costumes 2012.